Silent movies, a fire show and a thereminvox: City Day in Moscow parks

Silent movies, a fire show and a thereminvox: City Day in Moscow parks
Moscow will mark 869 years since its establishment this year. Muscovites and visitors will be able to attend over a thousand events organised at 212 venues around the city. This includes 22 parks that have prepared interesting programmes.

At 12 noon on 10 September, many parks will show a live stream of the opening ceremony of City Day in Red Square. At 1 pm, the parks and other venues will officially launch City Day to the sounds of the Moscow anthem.

Muzeon Arts Park

Date: 10 and 11 September

Time: 1 pm–10 pm

Location: 2 Krymsky Val Street

Muzeon Park on Krymsky Val will host the Fields International Vanguard Music Festival for the third time. The programme includes Murcof & Vanessa Wagner, Mike Cooper, Zoya Zerkalski, Igor Vdovin, Dvor, Dmitry Kurlyandsky, Nikolai Korndorf and other musicians.

The Music Masters international festival, which will be held at the park on 11 September, will feature versatile musicians who combine several music styles in their performances, including virtuoso cellist Georgy Gusev; the piano and percussions duo In-temporalis, which combines classical music with African rhythms; virtuoso Japanese pianist Maki Sekiya, whose repertoire ranges from the Baroque to the most recently written works of the 21st century; the Italian orchestra La Cellorchestra, which plays rock ballads and pop songs equally well; the cello rock quartet Vespercellos; The Shin, a Georgian-German jazz trio that is famous for its ethnic music experiments; and Kayoko Amano, a Japanese mezzo-soprano who will sing Russian lyrical songs.

Hermitage Garden

Dates: 10 September, 11 am–11pm; 11 September, 1 pm–10 pm

Location: 3 Karetny Ryad Street

The traditional Theatre March Festival on 10 September will be a 12-hour marathon of the best performances from Moscow theatres, including the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Music Theatre, the Meyerhold Theatre Centre, the Ballet Moscow Theatre, the Praktika Theatre, the Theatre School of Dramatic Art in Moscow, and the Taganka Theatre.

On 11 September, the public will be able to watch experimental performances and modern plays by the Komediant Theatre, MOST Theatre, Eskizy v Prostranstve, the Andrei Shchyukin Studio of Theatre Arts, the theatre group of Director Gleb Cherepanov, Freak Fabrik, the First Stage (Pervaya Stsena) Studio and the Moscow Shadow Theatre.

Bauman Garden

Dates: 10 September, 1 pm–10 pm; 11 September, 12 noon–8 pm

Location: 16 Staraya Basmannaya Street

This year the organisers of the Fields International Vanguard Music Festival have prepared Piano Fields, a special programme of modern piano music that will be performed on three venues in Bauman Garden. The programme on the main stage will include modern academic music, jazz vanguard and neoclassical music. Famous New York Jamie Saft, who made recordings for Tzadik, will present a solo programme. Another foreign guest is French composer and multi-instrument artist, Sylvain Chauveau. Other performers include pianist Misha Mishenko (Russia) and academic musicians Vladimir Martynov and Peter Aidu, who will play works for two pianos by Steve Reich and Pavel Markelov. The programme on the Piano Lab stage includes improvisation and classical music by Claude Debussy, Erik Satie, John Cage and Toru Takemitsu. The Jazz Ring stage will be turned over to free jazz performers; there will be virtuoso piano solos and collective improvisations with drums and a saxophone. The programme for children includes performances by a bike orchestra and a silence and sound conservation laboratory. Some of the exhibits from the interactive exhibition called “Sound and… Universe, Humans, Play” are a shoveldrum (a combination of shovels that play like a drum), a pipephone and a thereminvox.

The schedule for 11 September includes a fair of children’s books and products, workshops and concerts for children.


Dates: 10 September, 10 am–10 pm; 11 September, 10 am–10 pm

Location: 119 Prospekt Mira

The National Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh) will be turned over to a real City for children who will be invited to re-create Moscow as they see it, releasing their imagination and relying on their own skills.

On 10 and 11 September, children will be able to unleash their fantasies as architects, engineers, shipbuilders and even magicians at 10 venues. The programme includes workshops, interesting experiments, lessons in design and other educational and entertainment events. Their parents can spend time listening to the best brass bands playing on an open-air stage or looking for the latest books by popular authors at a book fair.

Tsaritsyno Museum Estate

Dates: 10 September, 1 pm–10 pm; 11 September, 1 pm–7 pm

Location: 1 Dolskaya Street

The Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve has prepared a programme of music that will be performed on a stage that will be floating on the Upper Tsaritsyno pond. The first day’s programme includes performances by the best tenors from Moscow theatres who will sing popular opera arias with a symphonic orchestra. The day will end with a concert by noted pianist Denis Matsuev. On the second day, the public will be invited to a programme of the best dances from popular ballet performances by Moscow theatres and ballet schools.

Kolomenskoye Museum Estate

Dates: 10 September, 12 noon–10 pm; 11 September, 1 pm–7 pm

Location: 39 Prospekt Andropova

Kolomenskoye Park visitors will be invited to watch performances by the best folk song and dance groups and listen to lap harps, balalaikas and other folk instruments. Children will be able to play folk games and attend workshops on folk arts. The programme will end with a gala concert.

Krasnaya Presnya Park

Dates: 10 and 11 September, 12 noon–10 pm

Location: 5 Mantulinskaya Street

The New Classics Festival will include theatre performances, ballets, workshops for adults and children, a flash mob and a music programme of symphony orchestras and modern instrumental groups, including Universal Music Band, the Globalis Symphony Orchestra, Mooncake, Radio Kamerger and Modern Classic.

850-th Anniversary of Moscow Park

Dates: 10 September, 12 noon–10 pm; 11 September, 1 pm–7 pm

Location: 10 Maryinsky Park Street

Celebrations will begin in the park on 10 September with a live stream of the City Day opening ceremony on Red Square, to be followed by a concert by soloists of the Moscow City Symphony – Russian Philharmonic and other performers. Other events include active entertainment. An interactive workshop called “Film! Film! Film!” will start at 3 pm and a Zumba Bachata fitness dancing workshop at 5 pm.

The atmosphere of the 1960s will be recreated in the park, with running competitions, Ready for Labour and Defence (GTO, a national physical education and sport programme), a tug-of-war and outdoor gymnastics, as well as street games  such as hopscotch, skipping, elastics, tag, wall ball, four square and rounders). The music will include evergreens by Jukebox Trio, Brevis Brass Band and Samba Real.

The 10 September programme will be crowned by an ArtMosSphere show based on modern show technology. Russian variety performers will play instrumental music, dance and sing and there will be circus acts, acrobatics and extreme sports, all of these brought together by a shared theme, The Time Movie. Each episode will be preceded by a video of different views of Moscow as a modern megacity, a city of poets, a city of theatres, a city of young people and a city of childhood. The performance by the piano trio Bel Suono will be accompanied by a video sequence and impressive dance, acrobatic and circus acts. The performers will be the Kvatro group, Viktoria Daineko, the Rendezvous Dance Theatre, a drum show, the Alfa Domino fire and light show and much more. The day will end with unique fireworks.

Concerts will continue the next day. The 11 September programme includes performances by the Dmitry Pokrovsky folk ensemble, the Angels of Hope group of hearing impaired children, the pop rock group “TchP” (ЧП),” Alexander Yelovskikh, Bianka and Mitya Fomin. A Salsa Bachata workshop will begin at 4:40 pm.

Tagansky Park

Dates: 10 September, 1 pm–10 pm; 11 September, 3 pm–9 pm

Location: 40-42 Taganskaya Street

Pop Up! Pop Art! festival will be held on 10 September from 1 pm to 10 pm. The park will be decorated with reduction copies of works of art, and workshops on stencil patterns, multicolour impressions and the transformation of old things.

The Сinemafon festival of silent movies on 11 September will be accompanied by piano and electric organ music (composer, organ and piano player Anna Vitlugina and pianist Stanislav Serebryannikov). A soundtrack for the best scenes from old Soviet films will be provided by the choir of Moscow’s Roman Catholic Cathedral.

Yekaterininsky Park

Dates: 10 September, 12 noon–10 pm; 11 September, 1 pm–7 pm

Location: 27 Bolshaya Yekaterininskaya Street

Those who want to feel like children again can go to Yekaterininsky Park for an atmosphere of merriment, carelessness and fantastic impressions. A stage with two screens and stalls will be built on the park’s main square, and a second stage will be assembled in the children’s playgrounds. The programme on the main stage includes performances by young pop and rock groups, student groups, children’s dance groups and circus acts. The programme for children will feature cartoons, performing animals, clowns, acrobats and jugglers. Outdoor entertainment includes playgrounds with a bouncy castle and an area for sport games. There will also be game rooms and interesting workshops.