About 200 free Wi-Fi points will open in the centre by City Day

About 200 free Wi-Fi points will open in the centre by City Day
Free wireless internet will cover festival venues inside the Boulevard Ring.

About 200 free internet access points will appear inside the Boulevard Ring by City Day. Hot spots will be established under the City Wi-Fi project.

The contractor has already started looking over the area and installing the equipment,” the Department of Information Technology press-service reported. The public will be able to try out the new service on the main festival venues inside the Boulevard Ring on City Day. They will be able to access the schedule of events, watch video from city surveillance cameras and share photos on social networks.

According to the Department of Information Technology, the new network will be prepared for high loads. Up to 15,000 users will be able to simultaneously connect to the Internet on City Day at a speed of at least 1 Megabit a second. One goal is to back up mobile phone operators whose networks might experience overloads.

The first free Wi-Fi access points will be available at traditional event locations:

— Tverskoy Boulevard;

— Pushkin Square;

— Sretensky Boulevard;

— Rozhdestvensky Boulevard;

— Nikolskaya Street.

System login will be accessible from the Moscow portal of state services pgu.mos.ru or from a single mobile platform.

In total, 1,100 free Internet access points will be established under the City Wi-Fi programme.

All 1,100 points will go live by the beginning of 2017. “This Wi-Fi system is not just for the public, it will also provide support for city systems, like inspectors’ mobile devices. It will be possible to access remote sensors and information screens,” the Information Technology Department explained.

The city buys the service based on service profiles, which means that it only pays for high quality access to the internet, while the operator provides the construction and management of the network and buying and installing the equipment.

At present, 8,700 free Wi-Fi access points are available in the city. About 7,500 of them are located inside buildings, and at university campuses. The rest are mostly in parks and recreation areas. In addition, free Wi-Fi is available on the metro and some buses and trams.

With the new City Wi-Fi project, the approach for choosing hot-spot sites has changed. Wi-Fi hot-spots will be based on the number of people as determined by the geoanalysis of population patterns in the city as carried out by communications providers.

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