Hopscotch drawn between Borovitskaya and Biblioteka Imeni Lenina metro stations

Hopscotch drawn between Borovitskaya and Biblioteka Imeni Lenina metro stations
Passengers can play a traditional children’s game in a metro passage.

A play area in the shape of 10 equal squares has appeared in a Moscow metro passage between the Borovitskaya and Biblioteka Imeni Lenina stations. It is the traditional school game of hopscotch.

“Passengers have a rare opportunity to remember this game and take a crack at coordinated jumping,” Metro representatives said.

The play area was drawn for Knowledge Day on 1 September. Congratulations sounded over the radio in the metro on the occasion. Passengers heard poems and songs about school, such as “The First-Grader,” “We Learn at School” and “When My Friends Are with Me.” Schoolchildren received a present from the metro, a children’s watch with an inbuilt Troika card. In all, 100 gadgets have been given out. The watch is equipped with a GPS navigator and an emergency button. By pushing the emergency button, a schoolchild can give a signal to an operator who will be able to determine the child’s whereabouts and send the required assistance: an ambulance, the police or an emergency squad.

Metro ticket offices sold festively decorated tickets for two trips. A limited number of 600,000 tickets were printed. The front of the ticket showed a picture of a school bag and the words “Best Wishes for 1 September!” as well as drawings of books and notebooks.

Starting 8 September, metro passengers can buy commemorative travel cards dedicated to City Day. The Metro will print 600,000 tickets for two trips with a festive design. The ticket face will be decorated with the number 869, which is the city’s age this year. The back side will say “Happy Birthday, Dear City!”