Muscovites can visit almost 90 museums on City Day for free

Muscovites can visit almost 90 museums on City Day for free
Moscow’s museums, exhibit halls and estates will offer free admission on 10-11 September.

On the second weekend of September, when Moscow celebrates City Day, admission to 88 museums and exhibit halls will be free. The museums include the Museum of Moscow, Solyanka VPA (video-performance-animation), the GULAG History Museum, Manezh Central Exhibition Hall, the Battle of Borodino Panorama Museum, Father Frost’s Moscow Mansion, the Multimedia Art Museum, the Fashion Museum, the State Darwin Museum and many others. The list includes museums estates, and exhibit halls that are managed by the Department of Culture. (The list is included below.)

Free admission applies to everyone, including individuals and groups. Almost every museum has prepared a special programme for City Day.

State Darwin Museum visitors will see revived dinosaurs and be able to pet a polar bear via virtual reality technology. The Living Planet exhibit features live tropical insects, and the Wild Ocean World exhibit features sea creatures.

The Multimedia Art Museum will host the Russian Space exhibit, which marks the 55th anniversary of Yury Gagarin’s first space flight. Visitors will see the legendary Russian films: the Cosmic Voyage, Aelita: Queen of Mars, and the Planet of Storms, and learn about the life of great scientists, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Yury Kondratyuk and Sergei Korolyov.

Space fans can also visit the Museum of Cosmonautics at VDNKh, where they can see the first space suits, Earth satellites, and lunar and planet exploration equipment.

At the Battle of Borodino Panorama Museum, visitors will be able to see some behind the scenes operations of the panorama. Docents will talk about the origins of panoramas and why they are called the “cinema of the 19th century.”

People can always walk at the Kuskovo, Izmailovo and Lefortovo estates, and Kolomenskoye, Tsaritsyno and other museum-reserves.

Memorial apartments belonging to Alexander Pushkin and Andrei Bely, the Marina Tsvetayeva House and Museum, the Vladimir Vysotsky Museum, Sergei Yesenin and Mikhail Bulgakov museums will be open.

For more information about the museum programme on City Day and other events, see the Calendar section on the website.

The list of museums where admission is free on City Day

State museums

Name of museum and its affiliates


Provianstskiye Magaziny architectural complex, main building (Museum of Moscow)

2 Zubovsky Boulevard

Old English Court Chambers

4a Varvarka Street

Moscow Archeological Museum

1a Manezhnaya Square

Lefortovo Museum

23 Kryukovskaya Street

Museum of Russian Estate Culture Manor Princes Golitsyn Vlakhernskoye-Kuzminki

6 Topolyovaya Alley

Alfred Mirek Museum of Russian Accordion

18 2nd Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street

Dom na Naberezhnoy local history museum

2 Serafimovicha Street, Entrance 1

Battle of Borodino Panorama Museum

38 Kutuzovsky Prospekt

Museum of Heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia

24/3 Bolshaya Cheryomushkinskaya Street

State Museum of the Defence of Moscow

3 Michurinsky Prospekt

Zelenograd State Local History Museum

11v, Gogol Street, Zelenograd

Zelenograd Exhibition Hall

Bld. 1410 Zelenograd

GULAG History Museum

9/1 1st Samotyochny Pereulok

Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

111, Prospekt Mira

Sergei Korolev Memorial Museum

28 1st Ostankinskaya Street

History of the T-34 Tank Museum Complex

88a, Sholokhovo, Moscow Region

Tsaritsyno State Historical, Architectural, and Landscape Museum-Reserve

1 Dolskaya Street

Kolomenskoye Estate (Moscow State Integrated Art and Historical, Architectural and Natural Landscape Museum-Reserve)

39 Prospekt Andropova

Lefortovo Estate (Moscow State Integrated Art and Historical, Architectural and Natural Landscape Museum-Reserve)

1 Krasnokazarmennaya Street

Lyublino Estate (Moscow State Integrated Art and Historical, Architectural and Natural Landscape Museum-Reserve)

1/1 Letnyaya Street

Izmailovo Estate (Moscow State Integrated Art and Historical, Architectural and Natural Landscape Museum-Reserve)

1 Nikolai Bauman settlement, bld. 4 (Bridge Tower)

State Museum of Ceramics and Kuskovo Estate of XVIII Century

2 Yunosti Street

Novy Manezh

3/3 Georgiyevsky Pereulok

Manezh Central Exhibition Hall

18 Mokhovaya Street

Rabochy and Kolkhoznitsa Museum and Exhibition Centre

123b Prospekt Mira

Domik Chekhova Exhibition Hall

29/4 Malaya Dmitrovka Street

Dmitry Nalbandyan Museum and Studio

8/2 Tverskaya Street

Vadim Sidur Moscow State Museum

37/2 Novogireyevskaya Street

Moscow Modern Art Museum (Petrovka Street)

25/1 Petrovka Street

Moscow Modern Art Museum (Yermolayevsky Pereulok)

17 Yermolayevsky Pereulok

Moscow Modern Art Museum (Gogolevsky Boulevard)

10 Gogolevsky Boulevard

Moscow Modern Art Museum (Tverskoi Boulevard)


9 Tverskoi Boulevard

Zurab Tsereteli Studio Museum

15 Bolshaya Gruzinskaya Street

Museum of Naive Art, Art-Naive-Park Mini-Cluster

15а Soyuzny Prospekt

Art-Izmailovo Exhibition Hall

30 Izmailovsky Boulevard

Museum of Naive Art

10 Maly Golovin Pereulok

Multimedia Complex of Actual Arts (Moscow House of Photography)

16 Octozhenka Street

Ilya Glazunov Moscow State Art Gallery

13 Volkhonka Street

Alexander Shilov Moscow State Art Gallery

5 Znamenka Street

Dom Burganova Moscow State Museum

15/9 Bolshoi Afanasyevsky Pereulok

Museum of Vasily Tropinin and Contemporary Artists

10/1 Shchetininsky Pereulok

Fashion Museum

4 Ilyinka Street

State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

12/2 Prechistenka Street

Alexander Pushkin Memorial Apartment

53 Arbat Street

Andrei Bely Memorial Apartment

55 Arbat Street

Exhibition Hall of the State Pushkin Museum

55 Arbat Street

Vasily Pushkin House

36 Staraya Basmannya Street

State Culture Centre – Vladimir Vysotsky Museum

3 Vysotskogo Street

Nikolai Ostrovsky Preodoleniye State Museum and Humanitarian Centre

14 Tverskaya Street

Marina Tsvetayeva House and Museum

6 Borisoglebsky Pereulok

Konstantin Paustovsky Centre, Moscow Literary Museum

17 Starye Kuzminki Street

Sergei Yesenin Moscow State Museum

24 Bolshoi Strochenovsky Pereulok

Sergei Yesenin Moscow State Museum

21/2 Klyazminskaya Street

Alexander Scriabin Memorial Museum

11Bolshoi Nikolopeskovsky Pereulok

State Darwin Museum


57 Vavilova Street


Timiryazev State Biological Museum

15 Malaya Gruzinskaya Street

Mikhail Bulgakov Museum

10 Bolshaya Sadovaya Street, apt. 50

Alexander Solzhenitsyn Russian Emigrant Artists’ House

2 Nizhnyaya Radishchevskaya Street

Meshchansky District Museum

16 Prospekt Mira

Father Frost’s Moscow Mansion

168d Volgogradsky Prospekt

Museum and Memorial Complex of Russian Navy

Severnoye Tushino Park (44-48 Svobody Street)

Sergei Andriyaka Moscow State Specialised Watercolour Painting School with Museum and Exhibition Complex

17 Gorokhovsky Pereulok

Nikolai Gogol House Memorial Museum and Scientific library

7а Nikitsky Boulevard


State Exhibition Halls

Name of museum and its divisions


A3 Gallery

39 Starokonyushenny Pereulok

Solyanka VPA

1/2 Solyanka Street

State Afghanistan War History Exhibition Hall and Museum

1 1st Vladimirskaya Street

Tushino Exhibition Hall

19/1 Yana Rainisa Boulevard

Tvorchestvo (creative work) Exhibition Hall

31/22 Taganskaya Street

Bogorodskoye Exhibition Hall

5/6 Otkrytoye Motorway

Izmailovo Gallery Exhibition Hall

4/1 Izmailovsky Prospekt

Southeast Art Hall Exhibition Hall (Pechatniki)

14 Batyuninskaya Street

Southeast Art Hall Exhibition Hall (Vykhino)

9 Tashkentskaya Street


Kovcheg Exhibition Hall

12 Nemchinova Street

On Peschanaya Gallery

23/7 Novopeschanaya Street

Rostokino Exhibition Hall

1 Rostokinskaya Street

Na Kashirke Exhibition Hall

35/1 Akademika Millionshchikova Street

Zamoskvorechye Exhibition Hall

24/2 Serpukhovsky Val Street

Heritage Exhibition Museum Hall

24/2 Lebedyanskaya Street

Peresvetov Pereulok Exhibition Hall

4/1 Peresvetov Pereulok

Varshavka Exhibition Hall

75/1 Varshavskoye Motorway

Nagornaya Gallery Exhibition Hall

10 Remizova Street

Belyayevo Gallery Exhibition Hall

100 Profsoyuznaya Street

Belyayevo Gallery Exhibition Hall, Izopark Children’s Art Gallery

3 Akademika Vargi Street

Solntsevo Exhibition Hall

44 Bogdanova Street

XXI Century Gallery Exhibition Hall

22 Kremenchugskaya Street

Phoenix Gallery Exhibition Hall

32/1 Skolkovskoye Motorway

Khodynka Exhibition Hall

2 Irina Levchenko Street