Dozens of streets to become pedestrian zones on City Day

Dozens of streets to become pedestrian zones on City Day
Holiday events for City Day to take place on closed streets.

Traffic will be shut down or restricted in a number of streets during the City Day celebrations from 8 to 12 September.

Thus, from 8 September there will be no traffic on the right lanes of Tverskaya and Bolshaya Nikitskaya streets and Gazetny, Leontyevsky and Maly Gnezdnikovsky side streets.

Tverskaya Street (from Mokhovaya Street to Pushkin Square), Nikitsky, Gazetny, Geogiyevsky, Bryusov, Leontyevsky, Maly Gnezdnikovsky, Glinishchevsky and Kozitsky side streets will be shut to traffic from 6 pm on 9 September to 6 am on 12 September.

There will be no traffic in Mokhovaya Street (at its section from Vozdvizhenka to Petrovka) from 11.59 pm on 9 September to 6 am on 12 September. In addition, traffic will be shut on Petrovka and Bolshaya Dmitrovskaya streets from 6 am to 11.30 pm on 10 and 11 September.

Tsvetnoi Boulevard will have no traffic in the section from the Boulevard Ring to the Garden Ring from 8 am to 9 pm on 10 and 11 September.

Traffic will be shut during the Vykhino Ring-2016 race from 10.40 am to 12.20 am on 10 September in Tashkentskaya Street (from building 27, block 1 to Ferganskaya Street) and Ferganskaya Street (from Tashkentskaya Street to Sormovskaya Street). Sormovskaya Street will be completely shut to traffic.

There will be no traffic in Kadyrova Street during the entire day on 10 September.

There will be short-term restrictions on traffic on fireworks launch sites from 9.50 pm to 10.10 pm on 10 September.

A charity bike race with famous theatre and cinema actors will take place on 11 September. It will start at 10.30 am and proceed on the following route: Petrovka Street—Strastnoi Boulevard—Petrovsky Boulevard—Rozhdestvensky Boulevard—Sretensky Boulevard—Turgenevskaya Square—Sretensky Boulevard— Rozhdestvensky Boulevard—Petrovsky Boulevard—Petrovka Street.

Traffic will be completely shut during the bike race. Streets will be opened after the cyclists pass them.

Public transport routes will be also changed during the City Day celebrations:

the route of bus № 12ts will be reduced: it will shuttle between the Megasport Palace of Sports and the Byelorussky Railway Station. The bus will not go to Kitai-Gorod as usual.

bus Т1 will carry passengers from the Nagatinskaya metro station to the Udarnik movie theatre and back. It will not go to the Botkinskaya Hospital.

buses Т15 and Т31 may run with delays.