22 kilometres of new bus lanes will appear in Moscow in September

22 kilometres of new bus lanes will appear in Moscow in September
Twenty one designated transit lanes are currently open in Moscow. They can be used by buses, trolley-buses, taxies, school buses and cyclists.

Four public transport lanes will open in Moscow in September. Lanes with a total length of 22 kilometres will appear on the sections Khoroshevskoye Motorway – Mnevniki Street; Podolskikh Kursantov Street; Svobodny Prospekt – Veshnyakovskaya Street (up to the intersection with Krasny Kazanets Street); and Lianozovsky Proyezd – Cherepovetskaya Street – Leskova Street – Shirokaya Street. These streets were chosen by Muscovites as part of the "Our Routes" crowd-sourcing project.

In five years, 21 public transit lanes have already been opened in Moscow. Their total length exceeds 240 kilometres. They can be used by buses, trolley-buses, taxies and bicycles.

These lanes provide for the stable operation of public transport, the speed of which is increasing. Passengers can now calculate their travel time in advance. 

“Today, one in five surface public transport passengers in Moscow uses bus lane itineraries, which amounts to over 1.5 mln people a day. The number of transport accidents is dropping by 20–40 percent on average, and the public transport speed is growing by 15–30 percent on roads with bus lanes,” said Maxim Liksutov, Deputy Mayor, head of the Department for Transport and Road Infrastructure Development. He also said that this year bus lanes will for the first time appear in places chosen through the crowd-sourcing project. These lanes are opening along connecting loop road sections where public transport carries passengers between administrative city regions. Buses run with short intervals there and are popular with passengers. Up to 500,000 people use them every day. More often than not, a bus lane can be opened only after a full road reconstruction, so sometimes its introduction is delayed. At present, these sections include Bolshaya Cherkizovskaya Street (from Khalturinskaya Street to the Preobrazhenskaya Square metro station), Ryazansky Prospekt (from Khvalynsky Boulevard to Taganskaya Square) and Entuziastov Motorway (from the Moscow Ring Road to the Garden Ring).