Russian Montmartre and Boris Akunin’s Moscow: Free tours to mark City Day

Russian Montmartre and Boris Akunin’s Moscow: Free tours to mark City Day
Where did Shurik go to get transistors for his time machine? How do you solve the murder of the «white general»? Where did Vasily Chapayev go to school? Take a tour of Moscow and you will get answers to these questions.

A series of free city tours will be held as part of the City Day celebrations and the Moscow Film Festival, which is scheduled for 9-18 September. Guests will be offered 170 unique itineraries dedicated to Russian films, including 20 new ones.

Every day over the period of 4-18 September, tours will start at festival sites in central Moscow. Guides will talk about iconic films, leading characters and their prototypes, film locations, directors’ secret tricks and cameramen’s stories.

The tour of Zamoskvorechye [a district opposite the Kremlin on the other bank of the Moskva River] will take you to the location where some scenes from Ivan Vasilyevich: Back to the Future were shot, as well as to the building with a balcony where the tsar looking at the city sprawling in front of him uttered his famous “Beauty!”, and to the place where Shurik went to get transistors for his time machine.

The Fandorin Inquiry tour will start at Pushkinskaya Square and take you to the locations of much-talked-of films about the 19th-century detective. People will see Moscow as it really was and as imagined by Boris Akunin, drop in on the governor-general, visit the city’s criminal department and solve the murder of the «white general».

The tour of Vagankovsky Hill will reveal how the film adaptation of The Master and Margarita was made. This is exactly the place where Woland asks his retinue: “It’s a very interesting city, isn’t it?” The Russian Montmartre project is about the secrets of Russia’s first film entrepreneur Alexander Khanzhonkov. Another story is dedicated to the film The Twelve Chairs.

Where was Vasily Chapayev educated and where did a spy from the Soviet TV series TASS Is Authorised to Announce… set up his caches? You can get answers to these questions on 10 September, if you join a tour, Plyushchikha in Movies and History, which was specially prepared for City Day. Film directors Tatyana Lioznova, Georgy Danelia and Eldar Ryazanov chose these locations for filming Three Poplars in Plyushchikha, Mimino and Old Hags, respectively.

A tour, The Russian Theatre Genius. Stanislavsky, to be held on 10 and 11 September will describe the inception of the theatre and cinematography.

For more details and to make a reservation visit the free tours of Moscow website.

The Moscow Film Festival is one in the Moscow Seasons series of street events. Thirty-three sites in various districts of the city will be dedicated to popular films, including Walking the Streets of Moscow, Carnival Night, The Diamond Arm, Mimino and Volga-Volga. The festival will also feature concerts, workshops, contests, theatrical shows and animation programmes for children.