VDNKh to become designer city on City Day in Moscow

VDNKh to become designer city on City Day in Moscow
Guests of all ages can try their hands as architects, engineers, and shipbuilders at interactive sites.

On City Day, the main avenue at the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh) will become a designer city, with ten interactive thematic areas to be set up near the Druzhba Narodov and Kamenny Tsvetok fountains. On 10-11 September, children and adults under expert guidance will have an opportunity to build model rockets, airplanes, ships and cars, and to design their own models.

Guests can design models using various construction sets, soft puzzles, and coloured cardboard.

The interactive areas will be divided into four sections:

area for kids with a special soft surface and playing mazes;

site for school-age designers;

youth site;

family site;

All sites will be furnished with large tables, comfortable chairs and shades to keep out the sun. Guests will be able to take part in workshops free of charge. Registration for the event is not required.

In addition, workshops will be held at the newly opened House of Crafts at the VDNKh, where guests can work with wood in the carpentry workshop, try their hand at pottery, and create ikebanas at the May-May floral studio.

In total, 20 different sites will be organised at the VDNKh for City Day.

On the same dates, the exhibition will host the # BrighterTogether festival. Guests will enjoy a great light show and learn about energy-saving technologies.

In addition, the next-generation Moskva metro train, featuring through passage, will be on display at the VDNKh on 10 September. Guests will be able to familiarise themselves with the new trains that will be used in the Moscow Metro in the coming years.

City Day festivities will be held throughout Moscow on 10 and 11 September. Tverskaya Street will be at the centre of the events.

It will also host 10 venues of the Moscow Cinema festival, which will be held on 4-18 September. The guests of the festival will see familiar scenes from the films “Ivan Vasilevich Back to the Future”, “They Met in Moscow”, “War and Peace”, “Circus”, and “The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed.”