Moscow car sharing fleet to reach 1,000 cars

Moscow car sharing fleet to reach 1,000 cars
There are about 650 cars available in Moscow for short-term car sharing, with each of them used by five Muscovites on average.

A fifth short-term car sharing service, BelkaCar, will launch in Moscow this September. Its fleet will include a hundred Kia Rios and is expected to grow to 350 cars by the end of the year. Another service provider, Delimobil, increased its fleet by 200 cars. This will put the number of cars in the Moscow car sharing system at about a thousand by the end of autumn.

Today the short-term car sharing fleet totals about 650 cars. Statistics show that each of them is used by about five Muscovites on average. The rent-a-car system helps reduce the number of personal cars on the road, improving the traffic and environmental conditions of the city.

Moscow leads the world in the development of its per-minute rent-a-car system. On average about 4,000 new users register with the system every week, compared to some 500 in the first months after it was launched. Today the total number of users of this service exceeds 180,000, including 64 percent of car owners.

Moscow’s rent-a-car service is less expensive than in other large European cities. It costs 7.5 roubles per minute on average compared to 0.29 Euros (20.2 roubles) in Berlin and 0.30 pounds (24.9 roubles) per minute in London.

The rapid growth of this business in Moscow has promoted healthy competition. Car sharing is a completely private project without any public funds, though the cars receive discounts in paid parking lots. The companies cooperating with the Moscow Government have already invested over 1.5 billion roubles in the city economy and are prepared to increase their fleet to 2,800 cars by the end of the year, said Maxim Liksutov, Head of the Department for Transport and Road Infrastructure Development. Today, four car sharing services – Delimobil, YouDrive, Anytime, and Car5 – work with the department.