City Day’s #BrighterTogether festival: Thousands of LEDs and kinetic dances

City Day’s #BrighterTogether festival: Thousands of LEDs and kinetic dances
Visitors will see a spectacular light show and learn how to save electricity.

Industry Square at VDNKh will host #BrighterTogether All-Russia Energy Saving Festival as part of City Day festivities on 10 September.

A spokesman for the Moscow Municipal System explained that the festival would be divided into two parts: during the daytime, its facilities will produce and store electricity to power the light installations after dark.

Power-saving wall

The festival’s centrepiece will be a 15-metre high power-saving wall of steel structures with wind generators inside and a light panel on the base depicting Moscow sights – the Kremlin, Ostankino Tower, Big Stone Bridge, and the Krasnye Vorota skyscraper.

The panel will be made of 1,500 light-emitting diodes. It will be powered at night by the energy accumulated during the day.

Kinetic dance floor and luminous bikes

Visitors will not only see how electricity is made but make it themselves on the kinetic dance floor, where they will be asked to perform a rhythmic dance. As they step on special tiles, kinetic energy will be transformed into electric power, lighting tiny bulbs inside each tile.

If that’s not enough exercise, visitors can also take a ride on glowing bikes with umbrellas. LED lights on the bike will be powered by pedalling.  

Power-saving chairs and electric benches 

After the dancing and biking, guests can relax on power-saving chairs in a room lit by a 4.5-metre floor-lamp that turns on only when someone sits down, with the brightness depending on the number of people sitting. You can also relax while charging your mobile phone on one of the six electric benches powered by electricity stored during the day.

There will be five energy-efficient merry-go-rounds for the youngest visitors. Each one has a big lantern powered by the rotation of the ride.

The festival will feature thrift kiosks where ordinary light bulbs can be exchanged for modern LEDs that can be placed on the panel.

Wind-powered decorative lighting

Sixteen large wind generators will line the Main Alley leading from the Belarus Pavilion (No. 18) to Industry Square. The wind power stored during the day will run LED and garland lighting after dark.

“The main purpose of the festival is to urge Russians of all ages and backgrounds to save resources that only seem inexhaustible,” a spokesman for the Moscow Municipal System explained.

The #BrighterTogether All-Russia Energy Saving Festival will kick off in Vladivostok on 2 September during the Eastern Economic Forum and will end in Moscow on City Day. In all, 72 regions of the Russian Federation will host the event. The show in Moscow will be sponsored by the city’s energy companies: Mosenergo, MOEK, MOESK, OEK, Mosgaz, Mossvet, Moscollector, and others.

This year, Moscow’s City Day will be celebrated on 10-11 September, with Tverskaya Street as one of the main venues. It will host 10 thematic cinema sites as part of the Moscow Cinema festival, to be held from 4 to 18 September, where visitors will be able to watch popular films like “Ivan Vasilievich Changes Profession,” “The Pig-Tender and the Shepherd,” “War and Peace,” “The Circus,” “The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed,” and others.