Lead bullets from the Time of Troubles unearthed in the city centre

Lead bullets from the Time of Troubles unearthed in the city centre
Archaeologists have found lead bullets on Malaya Yakimanka Street during road improvement works as part of the My Street programme.

Archaeological excavations at 9 Malaya Yakimanka Street in Zamoskvorechye have unearthed eight lead bullets from the late 16th or early 17th century. All were used in battle according to the experts who inspected the deformations.

Such bullets were widely used for small arms in Western Europe and Russia, the Department of Cultural Heritage press service says.

“All eight of the bullets were spent, presumably, in the Second Militia’s clashes with Polish invaders in August 1612, when Zamoskvorechye was the scene of one of the most dramatic battles in the Time of Troubles,” our informant said.

Excavations under the My Street programme have brought many other interesting finds in Zamoskvorechye, for example 17th century wooden pavements on Bolshaya Yakimanka and Bolshaya Polyanka streets, which were part of the Kaluga and Serpukhov highways several centuries ago.

During road maintenance in June and July, under the My Street programme, workers found a fragment of a red clay toy horse, several plummet-shaped buttons, and a metal baptismal cross at 2 Bolshaya Polyanka Street. They also found a 17th century metal boot protector in Malaya Yakimanka Street.

The city will map the My Street archaeological finds on its open data website. Only the most noteworthy finds are being identified on the map. Users can see where a 17th century false-coiner’s master tap – a coin-stamping tool – was found, and photos of the 17th -18th century wooden pavement on Tverskaya Street and a 5-kopeck coin made at the Yekaterinburg Mint in 1790, during the reign of Catherine the Great.

Over 100 objects unearthed during the excavations of the centre’s streets can be seen at the Museum of Moscow’s “Tverskaya and More” exhibition, which will run through City Day.