‘Active citizens’ choose winners of the Planet Moscow photo contest

‘Active citizens’ choose winners of the Planet Moscow photo contest
In 13 days of voting, over 162,000 people judged 77 photos. Most often they voted for photos of nature, pedestrian areas and fireworks.

Participants in the Active Citizen project – 162,088 people ‒ chose the winners of the Planet Moscow photo contest for the first time. They judged 77 photos in five categories: “City in Harmony with Nature,” “Moscow Walking on Pedestrian Streets,” “The Best Festive Fireworks,” “Moscow’s Public Transport,” and “Biking Moscow.”

The first category proved to be the most popular – it was chosen by over 23 percent of users. A bit over 21 percent opted for the second one, 18.06 percent for the third one, more than 17 percent for the fourth one and a little over 15 percent for the fifth one.

Aigul Bedretdinova’s photo “Alice in Moscow Summer Land” in the “Biking Moscow” category received 27.71 percent of the vote, or 14, 744 votes. Mikhail Bazhin took second place with the photo “Snowstorm” (17.07 percent or 9,084 votes). Dmitry Serebryakov came third with his “During the Night Bike Parade” (14.87 percent or 7,914 votes).

Oleg Tokarev’s “Spasskaya Tower Festival” won first prize in the “The Best Festive Fireworks” category (19.75 percent or 12, 436 votes). Tatyana Belyakova was the runner-up with her photo “Fireworks at VDNKh” (18.93 percent or 11, 920 votes), and Alexei Osipov came third with his “Marvel of Masters” (14.63 percent or 9,212 votes).

Marianna Smolina’s photo “Love in the Big City” in the category “City in Harmony with Nature” received votes from 20.02 percent of users (16,501 votes). Sergei Andreyev’s photo “Blooming Moscow. The Capital’s Flowerbeds” was the favourite of 17.34 percent of users (14, 286 votes), and Anastasia Grigoryeva’s “Spring Prosperity” got 7.09 percent of the vote (5,840 votes).

An unnamed photo by Mikhail Kolobayev won first prize in the “Moscow Public Transport” category (15.37 percent or 9,290 votes). Igor Gorshkov’s photo “Old Night Tram” was the runner-up (14.75 percent or 8,914 votes), and Pavel Kochetov’s “Last Steamship” took third (11.14 percent or 6,735 votes).

Vitaly Shramko’s photo “Cozy Roads of Autumn Muzeon” won first place in the “Moscow Walking on Pedestrian Streets” category (10.36 percent or 7,709 votes). Darya Yevdokimova’s photo “Moscow Winter Fairy Tale” placed second with 7,418 votes (9.97 percent), and Irina Vasilyeva’s “Barefoot Photo: the Muzeon of Childhood” was third with slightly fewer votes (7,415).

The award ceremony for the winners will be held at VDNKh on 27 August.

The Planet Moscow open photo contest is being held for the fourth time. It is organised by the Department of Urban Development with the support of the Department of Culture and VDNKh. The aim of the contest is to attract attention to the urban development of the capital and its unique historical and cultural monuments, and to form a new view of the city’s people-friendly environment.