To the movies! The best films, workshops and concerts on Movie Night

To the movies! The best films, workshops and concerts on Movie Night
Quests, castings, lectures, workshops and screenings of the best films await Muscovites on 27 August. Dozens of museums, libraries, cultural centres, cinemas and parks are preparing special programmes.

Fans of cinema, one of the most important of the arts, are looking forward to the upcoming weekend. Russian Cinema Day is 27 August. This year, the celebration will extend into the evening. From noon until late at night, various Movie Night venues will feature premieres and classics, meet-the-artist events, concerts, themed tours, workshops, lectures and castings for those who are beginning their cinema careers.

This year, the Ministry of Culture, together with the Russian Cinema Foundation and regional authorities, will hold Movie Night at 1,800 venues in 85 Russian regions. The events are expected to be attended by at least 500,000 people,” Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky said at a news conference.

In Moscow, there will be 131 Movie Night venues. “We also like symbolic figures: Moscow will celebrate its 869th anniversary this year, so we will hold 869 film screenings and 1,147 hours of various festive events, to represent the date of birth of our wonderful city,” Moscow Government Minister and Head of the Department of Culture Alexander Kibovsky said.

Cinema festival on Theatre Square

Theatre Square will serve as the central Movie Night venue. An open-air cinema and concert hall with a stage and a big LED screen will be installed here. During the day, visitors can enjoy poetry readings by graduates and actors of the Dmitry Brusnikin Studio, music from popular films and a screening of A Slave of Love, to be presented by its director, Nikita Mikhalkov.

At 7 pm, pianist Denis Matsuev will give a concert. “He will perform fantasies based on the soundtracks of Russia films,” Mr Medinsky said. Following that will be a screening of the film, Legend No. 17.

Experiments, cartoons and the best films in parks

On Movie Night, Moscow parks will turn into creative labs: visitors will learn about the inner workings of filmmaking and can try their hand at a job in film. All day long parks will host lectures, workshops and meetings with film directors and producers. A sing-along musical, Mary Poppins, Goodbye, will be screened at the Pioneer open-air cinema in Gorky Park at 8 pm. This will be an experiment: spectators wearing costumes in the style of the film will dance and sing along to the songs “33 Cows”, “The Barber”, “Bad Weather” and “The Wind of Change.” For those who don't remember the words, the text will be displayed on the screen.

Tagansky Park will become an animation venue of the Big Cartoon Festival, where modern cartoons and masterpieces by Soyuzmultfilm Studio will be screened. To mark the 80th anniversary of the studio, a meeting will be held with the studio director Mikhail Aldashin, and the winner of the Cannes Film Festival Palme d'Or Garry Bardin. Teacher and film director Sergei Merinov will teach children how to create claymation.

Krasnaya Presnya Park will open several themed venues. The Cinema Museum will host a lecture, “The 120th anniversary of Russian filmmaking: How it all began.” Rare films will also be screened there. Actress Yulia Aug will teach visitors the basics of acting.

Directors Mikhail Mestetsky and Nigina Saifullayeva and producer Sergei Kornikhin will discuss the ins and outs of modern filmmaking, to be followed by a screening of the film Rag Union. In the evening, Director Nikolai Khomeriki and visual effects expert Boris Lutsyuk will reveal the secrets of shooting the catastrophe film Icebreaker, to be released in October 2016. The evening will end with a screening of Legend No. 17.

The Hermitage Garden will screen Good Boy, the winner of Kinotavr-2016, two months before the official release. Before that, a discussion will be held on the relevance of optimistic films in the era of technological blockbusters. In addition, the winner of Kinotavr-2015, Anna Melikyan’s About Love, will be screened.

Babushkinsky Park invites visitors to watch Sergei Solovyov’s film Sneakers. A meeting with the actors and producers will be held before the screening. Three films will be premiered in Sokolniki Park: Fiance, by Elem Klimov, Bear, by Isidor Annensky and The Private Life of Valentin Kuzyayev, by Ilya Averbakh and Igor Maslennikov.

The Muzeon Arts Park will host the final screening of the project, Dubbing. The Kuleshov Effect. The black-and-white silent film A Kiss From Mary Pickford will be shown, accompanied by the music of Swedish free jazz trio Nacka Forum.

A short film festival will be held at the Bauman Garden.

The Moscow Film School will present the play Sonechka, based on a story by Lyudmila Ulitskaya.

In Sadovniki Park, children can draw their favourite cartoon characters.

The film Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears will be screened in Izmailovsky Park; Caution, Grandma! will be shown in Perovsky Park; and the film And Still, I Believe will be shown in Vorontsovsky Park.

Legendary films, including Solaris, Andrei Rublyov and The Cranes Are Flying, will be screened at VDNKh. The Worker and Collective Farm Girl exhibition centre will present an exhibition devoted to the 10-part historical film series Sofia, to be released in November. At 7 pm, spectators will be able to meet with the creators of the film.

Classics and premieres in motion-picture theatres

The Moscow Cinema network of motion-picture theatres will also take part in the event. Kosmos will present the pre-premiere screening of St. Petersburg. For Love Only. This is an almanac of several stories about people who love each other and the city on the Neva River. A meeting with the directors and actors will be held before the screening.

On Movie Night, Kosmos will screen the Leaving Nature series, about the life of a Russian village in the 1970s. It will be presented by director Dmitry Iosifov, who will talk about film series, their plots and forms and will reveal the secret of this genre's popularity. On 27 August, an exhibition of old film cameras will open at the Kosmos cinema.

Film critic and culture expert Daniil Dondurei will speak about Russian filmmaking at the Zvezda cinema. “The epic film War and Peace will be screened in its entirety throughout the day. And visitors will be able to see the camera that was used to film it,” Alexander Kibovsky said.

The October cinema will screen the premiere of the film Prokofiev: On the Way, about the life of the great composer. The Central Cinema House will present films that have won a popular vote: Smeshariki, Legend No. 17 and Battalion. The latter will be presented by its general producer and the author of the idea Igor Ugolnikov. The Documentary Film Centre will present two films of the Marina Razbezhkina Documentary Film Studio: Alien Job and Strange Particles.

The Eizenshtein Library of Motion Picture Arts will present the films, A Kiss From Mary Pickford, Spring, Film, Film, Film, and Rehearsals. In the evening, workshops and lectures on the most unusual jobs in the film industry will take place there.

Tours, exhibitions and quests

Participants in a tour developed by the Museum of Moscow will visit Ivanovskaya Hill, Povarskaya Street and Gogol Boulevard, where scenes from the Soviet films The Pokrovsky Gate, The Moustached Nurse and Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears were filmed. You’ve Never Dreamed About It, a tour on the creation of cinema, will be held at VDNKh, and Mosfilm Studios will hold special tours using smartphones.

The Ivanovsky Cultural Centre will carry out two quests based on the films You’ve Never Dreamed About It and Icebreaker. An exhibition, Cinema. Literature. Vintage Costumes, will open at the State Pushkin Museum on 26 August. The exhibition includes authentic garments and accessories of the 18–20th centuries used in the films The Scarlet Flower, Anna On the Neck, Princess Mary, Leo Tolstoi and Stronger Than All Other Orders.

The full Movie Night programme is available on ялюблюмоскву.рф. Free admission by pre-registration.