Moscow Central Circle riders can use standard fare passes and social cards

Moscow Central Circle riders can use standard fare passes and social cards
Moscow Central Circle riders will be able to use standard multi-fare passes, 90 minute tickets and Troika cards.

Participants in a Moscow Government Presidium meeting discussed ticket options, criteria for selecting resident benefit categories and the requirements for changing from the new Moscow Central Circle (MCC) to other public transit systems.

“We are preparing to start service on the 50 kilometre Moscow Central Circle surface line in the central districts, a major infrastructure project. All current transport benefits for the Moscow Central Circle will be retained. The MCC operates under the metro administration, the city and Russian Railways. Nevertheless, I believe that it is important to retain a coordinated benefits system in the city. We also need to ensure free interchanges from the metro to the Moscow Central Circle and back. Moreover, we have to select various other ticket options that will be introduced in the near future,” Sergei Sobyanin said.

Two Moscow Government resolutions were suggested. “First, we have retained the metro tickets which are popular with all city residents and tourists. These tickets will be valid on the MCC, including Troika cards and the other ticket options. As you instructed, people will be able to change between the Moscow Metro, the monorail line and the MCC within 90 minutes of their first entry,” Deputy Moscow Mayor Maxim Liksutov, Head of the City Department for Transport and Road Infrastructure Development, explained.

This is the main requirement put forth by the experts whose proposals were discussed during the Moscow Urban Forum, he added.

The city’s resolution stipulates identical metro and MCC fares using standard city fare passes, including multi-fare passes, 90 minute tickets and Troika cards. They will also be able to change from the MCC to the metro under the following conditions:

  • They cannot use other transport systems in between metro and MCC trips;
  • They can only pass through MCC and monorail line turnstiles once;
  • Riders can pass through metro station turnstiles, including the monorail, not more than twice, provided they have travelled the MCC in between;
  • Free interchanges are effective within 90 minutes of passing through the turnstile for the first time.

Passengers will be able to change free of charge on the following trip changes:

  • Metro - Moscow Central Circle - metro;
  • Metro - Moscow Central Circle;
  • Moscow Central Circle – metro - monorail;
  • Monorail – metro - Moscow Central Circle - metro;
  • Other similar trip changes.

The following Moscow Central Circle, Moscow Metro and monorail transit hubs will serve as free interchange points:

  • The Vystavochny Tsentr and Timiryazevskaya stations on the monorail for riders changing from metro lines and the Moscow Central Circle;
  • Moscow Central Circle stations, some transit hubs, including Avtozavodskaya, Botanichesky Sad, Cherkizovo, City, Dubrovka, Izmailovsky Park, Khodynka, Khoroshovo, Kutuzovo, Luzhniki, Novopeschanaya, Okruzhnaya, Otkrytoye Shosse, Ploshchad Gagarina, Ryazanskaya, Shelepikha, Shosse Enthuziastov, Vladykino and Voikovskaya for riders changing from the metro;
  • The Avtozavodskaya, Botanichesky Sad, Bulvar Rokossovskogo, Cherkizovskaya, Dubrovka, Khoroshovskaya, Kutuzovskaya, Leninsky Prospekt, Mezhdunarodnaya, Oktyabrskoye Polye, Partizanskaya, Polezhayevskaya,  Sportivnaya, Shosse Enthuziastov, Vladykino and Voikovskaya metro stations for riders changing from the Moscow Central Circle;
  • The VDNKh and Timiryazevskaya metro stations, the Okruzhnaya, Vladykino, Botanichesky Sad and Yaroslavskaya stations on the Moscow Central Circle for riders changing from the monorail line.

There are tentative plans to rename several MCC stations. Voikovskaya station will be renamed Baltiiskaya, and Izmailovsky Park station will be renamed Izmailovo. Kutuzovo station will be renamed Kutuzovskaya. Novopeschanaya station will be named after Richard Sorge, the famous Soviet secret agent. Otkrytoye Shosse station will be renamed Bulvar Rokossovskogo. Ryazanskaya station is to be renamed Nizhegorodskaya. City station will be renamed Delovoi Tsentr. Khodynka and Cherkizovo stations will be renamed Panfilovskaya and Lokomotiv. City residents with transit benefits will be able to ride the MCC trains free using their city-resident or student social cards.