Electric bikes to cost 150 roubles a day

Electric bikes to cost 150 roubles a day
The City Department of Transport has approved electric bike rental prices.

Electric bikes, to be available in the city’s bike-share system late this month, will be available for the same prices as standard bicycles. That is, 150 roubles a day or 600 roubles per month, base price.

“Electric bike hire prices will be the same as for standard bicycles. At the end of August, riders will be able to rent 150 experimental electric bikes at the bike-share stations near the Moscow International Business Centre, in Khamovniki and Dorogomilovo districts,” said Deputy Moscow Mayor Maxim Liksutov, Head of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development.

The bike-share season is now in full swing. People can check-out 2,600 standard bicycles at 300 automated stations, including some beyond the Third Ring Road. This year, 30 more stations and 700 bicycles are being added. The most popular short trip prices remain the same this year.

Daily bicycle base rates are 150 roubles, or you can pay 600 roubles a month, or 1200 for the season. The money is deducted from the user’s bank card, and a deposit of 1,000 roubles is blocked for the duration of the contract.

After paying the day/month/season cost and deposit, users can ride 30 minutes without additional charge. Thirty roubles will be deducted from their card if they keep the bike between 30 and 60 minutes. One to two hours will cost 100 roubles. Two to three hours will cost 450 roubles. Three to six hour possessions will cost 1,000 roubles, and six to 24 hours will be 1,500 roubles. The seasonal rate (1,200 roubles) does not require a deposit. When the grace period expires, users will have to pay some more.

Those damaging or breaking a bike-share bike will be charged a fine. Taking and not returning a rented bicycle will cost the rider 30,000 roubles, charged to the renter’s bank card. Failure to return a bicycle after 24-hours will cost 3,000 roubles. A broken bicycle will cost 3,000 to 30,000 roubles.

A bicycle that has not been returned after 24-hours will start beeping, reminding the user that the rental period has expired.

On the average, one bike is rented by five people each day, Mr Liksutov said. Each day, over 12,000 rentals are recorded all over the city, with over 400,000 people registered on Velobike’s bike-share system.