Back to School city festival to feature a climbing wall and a skate park

Back to School city festival to feature a climbing wall and a skate park
The festival’s contests and quests will help school students brush up on their knowledge ahead of the new academic year.

The Back to School festival invites guests to enjoy scientific lectures in Kuznetsky Most Street, a gigantic chess set on Tverskoi Boulevard, and cinemas, a skate park and a climbing wall in Novy Arbat Street. Muscovites can see the latest collection of school uniforms, get a lesson in street dancing and learn how to make kirigami figures. The festival will run from 24 August to 4 September. All 33 themed venues are dedicated to school subjects.

Festival guests can take part in the Novy Arbat Adventures city quest. They will receive a map with questions and assignments. The clues will be hidden near historically important buildings in Novy Arbat Street. Participants will win prizes − a coupon for a cup of coffee and gift certificates to the Children's Store. During the second quest, Urban School Olympiad, school pupils will earn marks for each correct answer in their toy record books. Children who fill in their record books neatly may also be rewarded.

In Nikolskaya Street, visitors will be able to take on the role of an astronomer by attending a workshop, making a solar eclipse and creating their own constellations. During classes, entertainers will help children assemble models of the solar system as well as of rockets and satellites. Telescopes, kaleidoscopes, children’s books on astronomy and globes can be purchased.

Lectures and workshops for young physicists and chemists will be conducted in Revolutsii Square near the monument to Karl Marx. Children will learn about climate change, find out what sources of energy may emerge in the future and get a glimpse of what the job of an energy manager is like. Festival participants will make sculptures from plastic foam, assemble a camera out of materials at hand and turn smartphones into 3D holograms. Nano icecream and scientific devices for domestic research and experiments will be on sale at chalets.

Voice and dance classes will be held in Teatralnaya Square, where festival goers can learn how to play the guitar and the violin. Carnival and ballet costumes, guitars and sheet music will be sold at trade pavilions.

A school fashion venue will be located at the TsUM department store in Kuznetsky Most Street. Students and their parents will get to see the autumn-winter 2016 collection of school uniforms. Classes will be conducted on etiquette and school and business style. School wear of top brands and stylish rucksacks and bags will be on sale.

Workshops on carpentry will take place in Kamergersky Pereulok. Muscovites will learn the kirigami technique of making figures and postcards by cutting out and gluing together paper pieces. There will also be an outdoor painting centre where guests will be taught how to create masterpieces based on the works of outstanding painters. Chalets will sell pearly paints for fabric, crayons, puzzles featuring reproductions of well-known paintings and books on art and architecture.

Interactive lectures on Moscow history will be conducted in Stoleshnikov Pereulok. Festival guests can attend a photo exhibition dedicated to Vladimir Gilyarovsky, the author of the book “Moscow and Muscovites”. A library of books and albums about Moscow will be set up. Other souvenirs bearing Moscow symbols will be sold.

At the mathematics venue in Novopushkinsky public garden, school students and their parents will learn how to cook healthy breakfasts and simple yet nourishing meals to pack for school. Each day, children will be greeted by young actors dressed up as a caring head teacher, untiring physical education teacher, and a good-natured physics teacher. The actors will teach improvised lessons and dance with the guests.

The theme of the cultural programme in Pushkinskaya Square will be Russian language and literature. An old printing press will be set up so that guests can print a book under the supervision of a professional. Amusing theatrical performances will run every evening. During workshops, school students will learn calligraphy and will practise composing a mini-essay and take a spelling test.

Training sessions in table tennis, trampoline jumping, basketball and badminton will take place at the physical training venue in Tverskoi Boulevard. Next to the Sergei Yesenin monument, visitors can assemble jigsaw puzzles and play draughts, chess or even giant chess. An outdoor workout site will open near the monument to Kliment Timiryazev. Every evening, group classes in street dancing, and football and basketball freestyle will be conducted there.

This year, two new venues will pop up in Novy Arbat Street. One will have a climbing wall in the shape of the words “Arbat Moscow”. Each of the letters will be covered with ledges that people can climb up.

Training workshops will take place at the skate park where visitors will be able to perform tricks on a skateboard, kick scooter and bike. Visitors will also have a chance to test bicycles, Segways and a solowheel. Films about Moscow will play at two cinemas set up in Novy Arbat Street.

There will be 11 themed venues outside the city centre. School children will learn to cook tasty and healthy dishes, will carry out scientific experiments and will master the basics of theatre acting.

The Back to School festival is part of the Moscow Seasons series of street festivals. On 7 August, the Moscow Jam. Gifts of Nature festival ended. Guests bought honey, 200 sorts of jam and unusual dishes, including fried marrow flowers, at 33 sites.