Beloved films and “talking” statues: Muscovites discuss City Day programme

Beloved films and “talking” statues: Muscovites discuss City Day programme
Survey respondents voted on what to show in street movie theatres, how to organise festivities in parks and which statues will “recite” poems.

More than 160,000 Muscovites took part in an Active Citizen online poll for the upcoming City Day festival. On 10 and 11 September, Moscow will be celebrating its 869th birthday. As 2016 was proclaimed the Year of Russian Cinema, the city will be transformed into a film studio for two days.

Details of the holiday programme were discussed by Active Citizen users. Online voting was open for two weeks. 

Opening hours for festive venues

The majority of “active citizens” (62.6 percent) believe that on 10 September the venues should be open from 10 am to 11 pm. Thirty-two percent think that the opening hours should be from 11 am to 10 pm. Three percent said they didn’t know, and 2.3 percent chose to leave it up to professionals to decide.

A majority believes that venues should open at 10 am and close at 6 pm on 11 September, a schedule that was supported by 77 percent of respondents. Slightly more than 17 percent favour shorter hours, from 10 am to 4 pm, to provide more time for street cleaning, while 3.3 percent were undecided and two percent referred the matter to professionals.

Street cinema

On City Day, spherical movie theatres will appear in the streets of Moscow for the first ever time. People will be able to watch popular Soviet movies on large 18 square metre screens. The top ten films for City Day’s programme were selected during online voting on Active Citizen. These are:

  • Love and Doves (11.3 percent);
  • Prisoner of the Caucasus, or Shurik’s New Adventures (10 percent);
  • Beware of the Car (9 percent);
  • The Striped Voyage (8.4 percent);
  • Welcome, or No Trespassing (eight percent);
  • The Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia (7.3 percent);
  • Afonya (around 7 percent);
  • The Wedding in Malinovka (6.4 percent);
  • Mimino (5.3 percent);
  • Maxim Perepelitsa (around four percent).

The other films – Stryapukha (The Cook), Give Me the Book of Complaints, The Actress, Be My Husband, Seven Brides of Corporal Zbruyev, Rodnya (Relatives), The Diary of A First-Grader’s Mom, Cossacks of Kuban, Faithful Friends – received less than 3.5 percent of votes, while 1.6 percent of “active citizens” were undecided and 0.77 percent said they would trust professionals to choose.     

Festivities in parks

All Moscow parks will host City Day events. The majority of respondents (32 percent) suggested concerts of classical and modern music. Children’s workshops came in second with 27 percent of the votes. Theatrical performances won 18.3 percent. Another 17 percent chose workshops in movie-making and acting. Three percent of users were undecided and around two percent left it up to the professionals to decide.

“Talking” statues

On City Day, Moscow monuments will come to life: statues of writers and poets will recite their works in the voices of popular actors or, when possible, the authors themselves. Twenty percent of respondents think that the “talking” monuments must include, above all, poet Sergei Yesenin’s statue on Tverskoi Boulevard, while 19.4 percent voted for Alexander Pushkin’s statue. More than 16 percent want to see Vladimir Vysotsky’s statue on Strastnoi Boulevard among the “talking” monuments. The list includes the monuments to Vladimir Mayakovsky (10.6 percent), Marina Tsvetayeva (8.7 percent) and Nikolai Gogol (4.4 percent). Fifteen percent of “active citizens” want all of the above-mentioned statues to be included, three percent were undecided and around two percent trusted the professionals to choose.

City Day sports events

Luzhniki will celebrate City Day with a sports and music extravaganza. Dozens of sport grounds will be open there: for football, parkour, arm wrestling, roller sports, BMX, breakdancing, fitness and other sports. To that, Active Citizen users added table tennis (20.5 percent), family games (20 percent), streetball (14 percent) and table hockey (13 percent).

The sports that received less than ten percent of the vote were arm-wrestling (eight percent), martial arts tricks (nine percent) and strongman competitions (six percent). More than 2,500 users want more sports venues, including for gorodki, beach volleyball, badminton and yoga, while 2.5 percent of respondents believe that the existing venues will be enough and no more are needed. Around four percent were undecided and two percent trusted professionals to choose.