Nineteen intersections to receive diagonal pedestrian crossings

Nineteen intersections to receive diagonal pedestrian crossings
There are currently ten intersections in the city with diagonal crossings.

New diagonal pedestrian crossings will appear at the following 19 intersections:

  • Pokryshkina Street-Akademika Anokhina Street;
  • Belomorskaya Street-Smolnaya Street;
  • Barclaya Street-Bolshaya Filyovskaya Street;
  • Kastanayevskaya Street-Pivchenkova Street;
  • Przhevalskogo Street-Bolshaya Ochakovskaya Street;
  • Akademika Bochvara Street-Marshala Novikova Street;
  • Marshala Koneva Street-Marshala Biryuzova Street;
  • Starokonyushenny Pereulok-Gagarinsky Pereulok;
  • Bolshoi Ordynsky Pereulok-Malaya Ordynka Street;
  • Parusny Proyezd-Svobody Street;
  • Novorossiiskaya Street-Krasnodarskaya Street;
  • Yuzhnobutovskaya Street-Buninskaya Alleya;
  • Gagarinsky Pereulok-Bolshoi Vlasyevsky Pereulok;
  • Pogodinskaya Street-Abrikosovy Pereulok;
  • Fabriciusa Street-Turistskaya Street;
  • Sokolnichesky Pereulok-Malenkovskaya Street;
  • 3rd Maryina Roshcha Proyezd-Oktyabrskaya Street;
  • 5th Maryina Roshcha Proyezd-Oktyabrskaya Street;
  • Prechistenka Street-Lopukhinsky Pereulok.

The Traffic Management Centre will install traffic lights for vehicles and pedestrians at these intersections, and make new markings.

“These intersections meet all the criteria for diagonal pedestrian crossings. They must be safe, first and foremost. We stipulate various standards, including the length of crossings, the absence of obstacles, geometrical parameters of crossings, pedestrians must not be at risk of being struck by a vehicle, and we also take traffic levels into account. We stipulate regulations for drawing markings and how these markings should look,” said Vadim Yuryev, Chief of the Traffic Management Centre.

There are already ten diagonal pedestrian crossings in the city at the following intersections:

  • Novomaryinskaya Street-Perervinsky Boulevard;
  • Novoryazanskaya Street-Basmanny Pereulok;
  • Fabriciusa Street-Svobody Street-Lodochnaya Street;
  • Zamoryonova Street-Druzhinnikovskaya Street;
  • Ostrovityanova Street-Vvedenskogo Street;
  • Azovskaya Street-Sivashskaya Street;
  • Donskaya Street-Akademika Petrovskogo Street;
  • Novogireyevskaya Street-Metallurgov Street;
  • Novomaryinskaya Street-Myachkovsky Boulevard;
  • Medynskaya Street-Kharkovskaya Street.