New Moscow Central Ring railway to accept card payments

New Moscow Central Ring railway to accept card payments
It will also offer a navigation feature to help passengers plan their trips.

By the end of the year, metro and Moscow Central Ring users will be able to use bank cards to pay for fares, Moscow Metro Head Dmitry Pegov said.

“Since the fares and turnstiles of the Moscow Central Ring are managed by the Moscow Metro, we will offer the same kind of services that are currently available in the metro, including card payments, as well as PayPass and PayWave on one of the turnstiles in every station,” he said.

The Moscow Central Ring will also offer a navigation feature to riders to help them plan their trips.

Mr Pegov went on to say that metro navigation apps will be updated to include the Moscow Central Ring.

“Our partners are currently writing new code for these apps so that passengers can use them and our maps to find the best route,” he pointed out.

Lastochka trains will operate along the Moscow Central Ring, offering passengers enhanced comfort. During peak hours, trains will run in six minute intervals.

This former industrial railway that circles the city will have a total of 31 stations with transit hubs, including 17 connections with 11 metro lines and 10 connections with nine radial commuter lines.

The Moscow Central Ring is expected to enable people to move around various parts of the city without using other metro lines or surface transit.

Riders will be able to use their metro tickets to pay for Moscow Central Ring fares, and all the current benefits will be available. In addition, transferring between the Moscow Central Ring and the metro will be free within 90 minutes of passing through a turnstile.