Traffic conditions improving on repaired roads

Traffic conditions improving on repaired roads and the Road Traffic Organisation Centre published a traffic analysis of areas where roads were improved.

In the first week of August, traffic moved more than 25 percent faster on average on several streets that are being improved under the My Street programme.

On the streets where repairs have been completed the traffic situation has improved considerably compared with the last week of July. The number of traffic jams has dropped and the average speed has grown by 28 percent. Traffic is flowing more freely, for example, on Tverskaya Street, New Arbat, Znamenka, Vozdvizhenka, Okhotny Ryad, Mokhovaya Street, Malaya Dmitrovka and part of the Boulevard Ring,” the Road Traffic Organisation Centre reported.

All lanes have reopened and all barriers have been removed on these streets. On the Boulevard Ring traffic has resumed on the even numbered sides of Nikitsky, Tverskoy, Strastnoy and Petrovsky Boulevards. There were no restrictions on the odd numbered sides because only the inside of the Boulevard Ring was worked on this year.

The ongoing redevelopment of the city centre is expected to be completed in September. For this reason, some streets are still experiencing bottlenecks. Delays have been reported on:

— the Kremlin Embankment;

— the Garden Ring;

— Petrovka;

— Neglinka;

— Bolshaya Dmitrovka;

— Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street;

— Sretenka;

— Karetny Ryad;

— Prechistenskaya Embankment,

— Kotelnicheskaya Embankment.

The average commute time from bedroom communities to the city centre and back has shrunk compared to last week. This week, residents of the Western Administrative Area spent six minutes less to reach the city centre in the morning. In the evening, it took them three minutes less to reach home. Residents of the Northwestern Administrative Area spent five minutes less in the morning and four minutes less in the evening on their commutes. From the Northern Administrative Area drivers reached the city centre one minute faster than last week and arrived home two minutes earlier. Altogether, between 18 and 22 July, residents of these administrative areas spent 5-13 minutes longer travelling than this week.

Muscovites will be able to fully appreciate the improved road conditions after all work under the My Street programme is completed in September. Last year’s experience shows that traffic has improved since 2014 due to redevelopment efforts. For example, on Myasnitskaya Street the average speed has grown by two percent and the number of accidents has been cut in half. On Bolshaya Dmitrovka the average speed has grown by five percent and the number of accidents has dropped five fold.