Moscow Zoo visitors to measure up against penguins and meerkats

Moscow Zoo visitors to measure up against penguins and meerkats
Life-size animal graffiti will be painted on the wall at the entrance to the Moscow Zoo.

Visitors at the Moscow Zoo will be able to compare their height with that of an Ussuri tiger, rosy flamingo, polar bear, penguin and even a meerkat.

The building wall to the left of the main entrance will be covered with life-size graffiti of animals, the Moscow Zoo reports.

The largest will be the elephant and the giraffe. The meerkat graffiti will be the smallest since the animal measures 30 cm or even less.

Next to each graffiti, the size of the animal will be indicated and a ruler will be painted to measure a person’s height. The animals’ proportions will be life size, with the graffiti covering a total area of 110 square metres.

The walls of the Moscow Zoo have featured graffiti before. In mid June 2016, a two-storey-high painting of a flamingo couple decorated the building façade at the exit to the Krasnaya Presnya metro station.

Meanwhile, visitors have been able to hear the voice of famous TV presenter and zoologist Nikolai Drozdov at the Moscow Zoo since 26 July. The host of the In the World of Animals programme announces zoo rules and public feedings over the PA system and also presents expositions.

Until 30 September, the zoo will open at 9 am, which is one hour earlier than usual, and will cancel cleaning days, which usually take place every Monday.