Historical flotilla will be displayed at the Russian Field festival

Historical flotilla will be displayed at the Russian Field festival
About 30 wooden vessels will be launched on the Upper Tsaritsyno Pond. Guests of the festival will have an opportunity to sail in shallops and royal skiffs.

The Tsaritsyno palace ensemble will provide an opportunity to sail aboard an ancient Russian shallop or Tsar Peter the Great’s skiff. Short-term passenger navigation will open on the Upper Tsaritsyno Pond for one day, on 28 August, as part of the Russian Field festival.

There will be a festival ground featuring aquatic attractions in Tsaritsyno called River Station. About 30 wooden vessels modeled after Russian shallops, skiffs and other boats from various historical epochs will be launched. The flotilla will be steered by specially-trained re-enactors from military history and nautical clubs. Emergencies Ministry teams will provide water safety and will help passengers aboard.

“Captains of each boat will wear clothes of the respective time period. Passengers will be told about each boat’s structure and history. Any passenger will be able to become a member of the rowing team, if they want,” representatives of the press-service of the Department of the National Policy, Interregional Relations and Tourism said.

Passengers will be taken from one shore of the Upper Tsaritsyno Pond to the other, free of charge. One of the piers will be located on the side of the Opera House. From there it will be possible to reach the second pier on 1st Radialnaya Street by going around Birds’ Island.

Among the vessels available for sailing there is an exact replica of Catherine the Great’s sailing and rowing boat, in which she travelled in Tsarskoye Selo. It will also be possible to sail a replica of Peter the Great’s skiff.

“The original skiff is kept in a museum near Pereslavl-Zalessky on Pleshcheyevo Lake. It was there that Peter the Great created his “toy flotilla,” which became the foundation of the regular Russian navy,” said Vera Moldovanova, one of the Russian Field festival organisers.

Two ancient Russian shallops will cruise along the Upper Tsaritsyno Pond in addition to skiffs. Either of them can take 20 people aboard.

“All the vessels are safe for passenger carriage, as they have been on-stream before. All replicas of boats will be delivered to Moscow from various regions of Russia. Emergencies Ministry teams will provide water safety,” Ms Moldovanova said.

We remind readers that the Russian Field festival of Slavonic art will be held in Moscow for the fifth time this year. Guests and official delegations from 46 Russian regions are expected to arrive. Everyone is welcome.

Last year, over 200,000 people from 38 regions visited the festival in Tsaritsyno. The 3,500 participants included academic and folk music groups, craftsmen, manufacturers, skilled trick riders and historical re-enactors.