New facade lighting for Borovitskaya metro station

New facade lighting for Borovitskaya metro station
The station façade has received decorative lighting.

The Borovitskaya metro station façade has been illuminated to enhance its architectural details. The lighting accentuates the large M at the entrance, the stained glass panels and the walls.

“The Borovitskaya metro station is part of the historical centre of Moscow. Passenger traffic here is very heavy. The architectural lighting has enabled us to enhance the beauty of the station façade and the uniqueness of designer’s concept. The lighting project was coordinated and approved by the relevant services and agencies,” a Moscow Metro spokesman said.

Earlier, Borovitskaya Square, where the Borovitskaya metro station is located, was included in the My Street refurbishment programme. Work started on 15 June. The pedestrian area on Borovitskaya Square will be paved with stone blocks. In November, a monument to the holy Prince Vladimir will be unveiled near the square. Last year marked the 1,000th anniversary of his death. The monument will be installed on a hill overlooking the square and surrounded with grass. A wave-shaped cascade staircase will lead up to the statue.

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