Commuter trains begin offering onboard ticket sales

Commuter trains begin offering onboard ticket sales
The Moscow Railway’s Kursk and Pavelets lines can now take bank cards for on-train ticket sales.

Commuter train passengers can now buy tickets with bank cards from ticket takers on two lines of the Moscow Railway.

From now on, commuters can use bank cards to buy tickets from ticket takers on the Kursk line of the Moscow Railway. Train attendants on the Pavelets line will also start accepting bank cards by late 2016.

Onboard ticket takers will eventually start using portable bank card terminals on other Moscow Railway lines, the corporate press service said in a statement. Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

“Many passengers have requested the ability to pay with bank cards aboard the train. It’s important that passengers can buy tickets quickly and in a comfortable setting. We’re always working to upgrade ticket sales options. Passengers started using bank cards to buy tickets at vending machines and ticket offices long ago. And now they can buy tickets with bank cards on the train,” the company’s Director General Mikhail Khromov noted.

At the beginning of the summer, the city began selling the combined Troika and Strelka transit card at Moscow Metro and Mostransavto (Moscow Region Transport Authority) ticket windows.

This card is for metro and surface transit trips in Moscow and in the Moscow Region.

The combined card can be topped-up using Troika and Strelka terminals at mobile provider stores, ticket offices and Central Suburban Passenger Company terminals, etc. The money is deposited on two separate online wallets/e-money networks. A complete list of card terminals is posted on the joint transport website and the official Strelka card website.

The Central Suburban Passenger Company also announced plans for a mobile app to top-up Troika and Strelka accounts and buy tickets for a preset number of metro and surface transit trips before the year is out.