Watermelon and melon season in Moscow at its height

Watermelon and melon season in Moscow at its height
In addition to 264 sales outlets that opened today in Moscow, juicy watermelons and melons from Astrakhan, Volgograd and Dagestan are also on sale at some sites of the Moscow Jam. A Taste of Summer festival.

Today, 264 watermelon and melon stalls – 24 more than last year – opened around the city. In addition, 12 sites of the Moscow Jam. A Taste of Summer festival are also selling watermelons and melons. Press secretary of the Department of Trade and Services Taras Belozyorov spoke about the event at length.

The main suppliers of watermelons and melons are Astrakhan, Volgograd and Dagestan. Watermelons cost from 30 to 40 roubles per kilogram and melons up to 65 roubles. For the list of all watermelon and melon stalls in the city, visit the Moscow City Government open data website, which shows that the Southeastern Administrative Area has more sales outlets than any other area in Moscow.

The previous type of sales outlets – inconspicuous green barred bins – have become a thing of the past. A new design has been approved by the Committee for Architecture and Urban Development.

“Now, these are nice beige kiosks in the form of a cube measuring four or 7.5 square metres. They have a regulated counter and window,” Belozyorov said.

Belozyorov asked the city residents to report all cases of unauthorised trade to the Department of Trade and Services. All sales outlets must have price tags and signs indicating their working hours. Sellers must have all the required documents.

According to statistics, on average, each Muscovite eats about 600 grams of watermelons and melons a month. That is, during the season, which lasts four months, the city consumes some 28,000 tonnes.

In all, 225 tenders to open watermelon and melon stalls were held last year and this year, with the majority of tenders announced last year. Contracts were signed for five years.