Moscow to host vintage bus parade on 13 August

Moscow to host vintage bus parade on 13 August
The festival’s guests will see over 20 unique vehicles from different eras.

On 13 August, a traditional vintage bus parade will take place from noon until 3 pm on the city’s Frunzenskaya Embankment. Over 20 unique vehicles will be displayed between Krymsky Proyezd and Timur Frunze Street.

The buses will set out from the Fili bus and trolleybus maintenance facility, travel down central city streets between 11.15 and noon, and will eventually drive along the embankment.

“The history of transport is inseparable from the capital’s history, which fascinates more and more city residents today. A growing number of people are becoming interested in the vintage bus parade, which goes to show their deep attachment to Moscow’s historical and cultural heritage. Last year’s parade gathered over 40,000 people, and this year’s event is set to attract even more,” said Yevgeny Mikhailov, general director of the Moscow Transport Authority (Mosgortrans).

Actors dressed in vintage suits will welcome the guests, and entertainers will hold contests and quizzes for children, who will also have a chance to make and paint a cardboard bus model. Life-size dolls and puppets, magicians and face painters will also create a lively festive atmosphere.

Adults can see unique city transport exhibits, receive souvenirs and gifts, and watch a concert.

Bus service was inaugurated in Moscow on 8 August 1924. The first eight-verst (8.5 kilometre) bus route linked Kalanchyovskaya Square, now Komsomolskaya Square, with Alexandrovsky, now Belarussky, Railway Station.

Currently, Mosgortrans operates about 650 bus routes in the city, with about four million people using them daily.