Music in the Metro website now offers an online performance schedule

Music in the Metro website now offers an online performance schedule
Metro passengers can now find out at which stations to catch their favourite musicians.

Metro passengers can now follow an online schedule of music performances at metro stations. You can access the online timetable on the website of the Music in the Metro project. The project organisers’ next step will be to add detailed information on each of the 30 musical ensembles taking part in the metro performances.

The Music in the Metro site now offers a calendar featuring a timetable of performances. The new schedule quickly became the site's most popular section, with around 8,000 visitors over the first few days of test operation. You can also view the timetable under the Music in the Metro section on the unified transport portal, a Moscow Metro Press Service spokesperson said. 

According to the press service spokesperson, 228 Music in the Metro performances took place in July. Musicians perform every day at three official venues: the Mayakovskaya, Kurskaya and Vystavochnaya metro stations. The space where the musicians perform is marked with special stickers on the ground. 

The Music in the Metro site continues to make improvements. The Moscow metro press service representative said that in response to numerous requests from metro passengers, the team is now looking into the possibility of offering detailed information on each musician. 

Music in the Metro began as pilot project on 25 May 2016. After a selection process that involved online recordings and performing before a jury, 30 musical ensembles were granted official permission to perform in the Moscow metro. 

Currently, the musicians can perform at three official venues, but if the project is a success the number of venues could be increased to 15.

There are plans to add the following stations to the list of performance venues: Arbatskaya (Filyovskaya line), Vorobyovy Gory, Dostoyevskaya, Kitai-Gorod, Lermontovsky Prospekt, Polyanka, Trubnaya and more. Improvised stages could be opened in the transfer corridors between the Borovitskaya and Biblioteka imeni Lenina, Teatralnaya and Okhotny Ryad, Teatralnaya and Ploshchad Revolyutsii, and Trubnaya and Tsvetnoy Bulvar stations.