Fun at Tsaritsyno or the hush of libraries: where to spend your July weekends

Fun at Tsaritsyno or the hush of libraries: where to spend your July weekends
Lectures at the Museum of Moscow, tours of the Lenin Library for bibliophiles and book worms and a summer club for the little ones at Tsaritsyno: has the information you need about where to spend your weekends in July.

The Museum of Moscow invites children between the ages of 7 and 14 to spend their holidays at its children’s centre. Teachers will run a creative educational programme each Friday–Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., with short breaks. Together with teachers, children will watch and discuss films about Moscow, and will organise book readings. The play format of the programme does not preclude discussions on important topics: for example, children will learn about safety in the big city. The children’s centre will be open at 2 Zubovsky Bulvar from 2-17 July.

The city’s tour agency of the Museum of Moscow (2 Zubovsky Bulvar) invites you on an excursion of Starovagankovsky Pereulok to see, among other things, one of the most famous classical buildings of the city: Pashkov Mansion. With this building, built in the 18th century, begins the history of the Russian State Library over 150 years ago. Tour guides will share the history of one of the seven Moscow hills, about vagrants and how they came to ancient Moscow, where Valentin Serov lived and died and how the aristocrat Pashkov surprised the Moscow of Catherine the Great. The tour will take you around the branch of Russia’s main library, the chambers of Aptekarsky Dvor, the Dormition Cathedral and other sites, including, of course, Pashkov Mansion. There is a fee for the tour, which lasts two and a half hours.

Book lovers can enjoy a tour of the Russian State Library, formerly the Lenin Library. The main building in Vozdvizhenka in the historical centre of Moscow is a famous tourist attraction and a favourite gathering point. The majestic landmark of monumental architecture opens its doors to scientists, students, school children and all book lovers. The tour will include a trip around the main building of the library and a 19-tier book archive, closed to ordinary readers. Visitors will be able to track the route of a book inside the library before it makes it to the reading room. Some of them will also have the chance to play the role of librarian and visit the endless labyrinths of the book archives. At the end of the tour, children can attend a workshop on the library collections and book history.

The lecture hall of the Museum of Moscow will host a series of lectures by Moscow architects and teachers of the Moscow Architectural School (MARCH) about how a modern architect sees the historical city, how to work with the city, and develop its territory and landscape. Lecturers will offer an opportunity to see the capital city through the eyes of city planners and learn about new ways of dealing with the city environment, its historical expanses and also about various experiences of developing areas and the city landscape. The lecture is designed for future architects, students of architectural universities, young professionals, designers and anyone interested in modern architecture and urban development in Moscow.

The lecture will serve as a platform for exchanging experience and a dialogue on the present and future of our favourite city. It will also offer a chance to get advice for those who want to take up architecture as their future profession.

The Tsaritsyno museum and nature reserve will offer lots of opportunities for enjoying outdoor activities as part of its programme, “Fun Days at Tsaritsyno”, organised by the children’s summer entertainment club “ROSTOmer”. Children can play outdoor games, attend workshops and take part in quests on various subjects. They can “travel” into the 18th century, get transformed into beautiful ladies and gallant gentlemen and learn about grand balls in big palaces. On other days, young visitors can go treasure-hunting or conduct zoological research on animals living in Tsaritsyno Park. The programme will last until 7 July.