A sweet weekend: highlights of the Ice-Cream Festival

A sweet weekend: highlights of the Ice-Cream Festival
An art workshop is opening on Tverskoi Boulevard, a play about magical Eskimos will be staged in Novopushkinsky Square park and Bolotnaya Square will host a kite parade. Mos.Ru brings to you this weekend's highlights of the Moscow Ice-Cream Festival.

A large kite parade, the Day of Warmth charity campaign, street theatre, orchestral performances and art workshops await festivalgoers at the Ice Cream Festival on 2 and 3 July.

#Instameet_with_penguin and frozen Eskimos (Eskimo in Russian is a kind of ice-cream very popular in Russia – edit.).The project #Instameet_with_penguin will open the Festival on Saturday, starting on 11 am at the Ice-Cream Factory venue on Novopuskinsky Square park. Popular Moscow instagrammers will wait for festivalgoers near an art installation featuring penguin figures sitting around a blue table. Children will enjoy a comedy performance, Eskimos of the Frozen World, telling a story of magical Eskimos and their adventures, from 1 to 2 pm. Another performance, Mother Raspberry Faints, will also be shown on Saturday, while the Eskimo Calendar of Treats and Sweets, a quest-like performance for kids, will run from 3:30 to 5 pm. 

History of Venice, Summer Palette and Jazz

History of Venice, or 149 Unperformed Plays, an interactive carnival performance, will run from 5 to 6 pm on 2 and 3 July, at the venue, Ice-Cream for the Whole Family. The comedia dell’arte performance is a mix of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette and Othello, Goldoni’s A Servant of Two Masters and other well-known works. The audience will travel across Venice in gondolas, dive into the traditions of Italy and taste a risotto of happiness.

The Feel Style brass band will perform from 7 to 7:50 pm, taking the audience into a different plane by brilliantly improvising on the rhythms and tunes of well-known works.

An art workshop for adults and kids will be open from 4 to 7 pm on Saturday and Sunday at the Dessert Workshop venue near the Sergei Yesenin monument on Tverskoi Boulevard.

The Ice-Cream in Flowers venue on Stoleshnikov Pereulok will host a performance by Misha'n'Yana Orchestra & Co from 8 to 9 pm. The band will recreate the atmosphere of the early jazz bands of the 1920s and 1930s. 

A Day of Warmth and a kite parade

A Day of Warmth, a charity event, will take place on Novopushkinsky Square park and on Tverskoi Boulevard. From noon to 4 pm, each ice-cream sold there will provide two roubles to a foundation for the support of social initiatives.

A stand featuring a map of Russia will be installed near the Sergei Yesenin monument on Tverskoi Boulevard. After paying a donation, visitors can write some warm words for those needing help and put them on the map. Here, jewellery handmade by teens from children’s homes and socially vulnerable children is also on sale. Bumper, a library bus, will organise literature workshops and book sales for kids. At noon, a kite parade will kick off at the Summer Vernisage venue on Bolotnaya Square. Nearly 150 kites off different sizes and forms, including huge five-metre ones, will be flown. 

Wishes come true in Dream City

The Dream City venue on Manezhnaya Square will see many events starting at 11 am on 3 July, all themed around wishes coming true and encompassed by the hashtag #sbudetsya or "it will come true." On a hot summer day, visitors will travel to the city of sweets. Then a charity event will offer them a chance to taste ice-cream, and also to meet and get to know special children. Visitors will then take part in the building of a dream city, before the runners-up of the Golos TV singing contest, participants in the We Are Changing the World project, will give a concert at noon. 

The Moscow Ice-Cream Festival is part of the Moscow Seasons series of citywide events. Over 30 venues are open for festivalgoers until 10 July, where producers from numerous Russian regions offer 150 types of ice-cream, including childhood favourites, crème-brulee and Russian full cream ice, but also such varieties as halva, tomato, potato, green tea ice-cream, and Japan’s rice ice-cream and a sweet and salty treat with bacon.