Highest greenhouse and Salaryevo metro station: Muscovites appreciate city innovations

Highest greenhouse and Salaryevo metro station: Muscovites appreciate city innovations
Citizens gave the highest marks to innovations in environment protection, transport and government services. Since the start of the year, the Active Citizen portal received over 2.5 million assessments of novelties introduced in Moscow.

The Active Citizen portal made a ranking of urban innovations introduced in Moscow from January to March this year. Thirty-seven assessment votes were launched. On average, innovations received 4.66 points. The difference between the first three places is only a few hundredths of a point.

The first prize went to Europe’s highest greenhouse (33.6 metres) at the Botanical Garden. The new greenhouse with a unique collection of tropical and subtropical plants from all over the world gained 4.78 points of a possible five. The vote involved 79,726 people.

Slightly less points (4.77) were gained by the newly opened Salaryevo metro station, the 200th station of the Moscow metro and one of the most popular among the new ones. The vote involved 85,393 active citizens. People also liked the expansion of the list of services at My Documents centres (4.76 points): some tax services are now available regardless of the place of registration. The vote involved 86,855 people.

The opportunity to pay traffic fines with a 50-percent discount on pgu.mos.ru received 4.75 points (79,153 voters). The opening of Moscow’s first all-weather ski track in Sokolnki Park rounds out the top five with 4.73 points. Snow does not melt there even at moderate above-zero temperatures and lighting allows for skiing at night. This vote involved 76,589 people. One of the most popular innovations in the administrative areas is the opening of five more centres receiving documents for the provision of government service in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas (4.84 points).

Last year, from July to December, the highest points were got by innovations in the area of healthcare, government services and transport. The leader of the ranking was the simplified procedure for getting foreign-travel passports. Now the Active Citizen portal offers city residents an opportunity to assess the launch of a train in honour of the 55th anniversary of Yury Gagarin’s space flight, the opening of an elephant Museum and the installation of information desks in the metro.