Live music expected at three metro stations

Live music expected at three metro stations
Musicians will perform live concerts at three Moscow metro stations – Mayakovskaya, Vystavochnaya and Kurskaya.

Pilot projects of Music in the Metro will be tested at three stations – Mayakovskaya, Vystavochnaya and Kurskaya, said Vladimir Titov, head of the Moscow Metro Development Directorate at Moscow’s Department for Transport and Road Infrastructure Development.

“Previously, we wanted to open 15 sites for musicians at metro stations but received contradictory feedback from passengers, and decided to introduce the project stage by stage,” he said.

The project, which will last until 1 September, has already received about a thousand applications from musicians. The top 30 musicians will perform in May. They will be allowed to book a site in advance but will be able to use no more than three sites a day.

The sites will be decorated and marked with eye-catching floor stickers. Musicians will not have to pay for an opportunity to play, and the audience will be able to reward them.

“The musicians will have the opportunity to perform at the metro stations every day, including weekends, during off-peak hours,” Titov said. “At the moment, we expect them to play between 10 am and 5 pm, and from 8 pm to 10 pm. The sites will be chosen so that they don’t interfere with the passenger flow.”

Musicians will be subject to genre limitations. “It is our rule not to offend passengers. Hard rock music will inevitably cause complaints from older people,” Titov said.

Musicians can lose their contract if they use swear words in their lyrics during Music in the Metro. Police and metro security services will keep watch over the event.

During the May holidays, musicians will be recommended to perform wartime and festive songs.

Auditions for the Music in the Metro project will be held on 19-21 April in the Moscow Producer Centre. The jury will include Maria Makarova (Masha and the Bears group), Den Petrov (Chelsea group), Kostya Grim (Brothers Grim group) and others.