Tracks for roller skating and skateboarding to be built at VDNKh

Tracks for roller skating and skateboarding to be built at VDNKh
Authorities intend to launch bus routes, restrict traffic and build a 5-km Mobius Strip track for roller skaters and skateboarders at VDNKh park.

A new bus route will be added through VDNKh, less traffic and separate tracks for pedestrians, bicyclists, roller skaters and skateboarders. The project is divided into several stages.

Tracks for bicyclists, roller skaters and skateboarders

The Mobius Strip project is an essential part of the new VDNKh transport system. It includes 5-km tracks for roller skaters and skateboarders. The route will run across VDNKh and is to be completed by 2018 as part of the park landscape development plan.

The route will run through various service kiosks, sun shades, meeting points and other kiosks. There will be rest stops every 300-400 metres for people to sit and enjoy nature. The pedestrian walking route will take an hour and a half.

More details about the landscape park project in VDNKh are available in an interview with VDNKh Director General Yekaterina Pronicheva.

Traffic signs and road markings

Ninety-five bicycle racks have been installed at VDNKh this summer, and another 35 are coming soon. To create bike lanes on the road circling the exhibition park, speed bumps have been reduced in length and drains have been replaced.

Twelve “No Bicycling” signs were put up on some sections of the perimeter road adjoining the central alley and the People’s Friendship square last spring. These signs were installed to improve cyclist safety after a new public transit route opens across VDNKh from the VDNKh metro station to Botanichesky Sad metro station.