The most digital-friendly city in Russia: 30 projects from Moscow won prestigious awards in 2022

The most digital-friendly city in Russia: 30 projects from Moscow won prestigious awards in 2022
Moscow remains the leader in implementing digital solutions and innovations in everyday lives of its residents.

In 2022, the city was nominated for 15 national and 5 international awards. 30 technology-related municipal projects won prestigious prizes.

“Moscow has been developing its digital services ecosystem for over a decade. Those solutions are receiving regular recognition from experts in Russia and abroad. Each of those awards reaffirms the value of the effort put in by the Moscow IT sector and the fact that Moscow remains one of the global leaders in introducing digital solutions and innovations into everyday lives of its residents,” emphasized the representative of the Moscow Department of Information Technologies.

National awards

20 projects from Moscow were recognized by the Russian IT community in 2022. On top of that, the city’s digital initiatives featured in industry ratings and regional competitions.

For example, in 2022, Moscow took first place in the national rating for digital public and municipal services quality for the third year in a row. The project called Smart Services and Superservices as an Approach to Digital Services Development in Moscow was recognized in the special Most Ambitious Project category at the regional digital transformation projects and practices competition among the Russian regions.

Moscow has topped the City IQ urban economy digitalization rating for the fourth time, getting 117 points out of 120 (+15 points for the year). The results were announced at the Smart City. New Challenges nation-wide forum.

The Digital Summit national award recognized the Mos ID universal identifier (Best Public Service category) and the Moscow Digital Twin (Best Smart City IT solution category).

In the early 2022, seven Moscow Government projects won top places and special prizes in the Golden Site and Golden App competitions. Word from a Soldier of Victory! website, Moscow Libraries book search and reservation service, rental services: Together with Culture for culture spaces and Together with Sport for sport venues, the My Payments service at, Active Citizen and EMIAS.INFO mobile apps all won in various categories. rent services for culture spaces and sport venues also won in the Best Russian Social Project program, Culture, Arts, Religion category.

The Mos.Cloud project won the Tadviser IT Prize award, Digital Leadership category. It’s a public sector resource management solution developed using Russian-made technologies only. The cloud platform hosts all economic operations of Moscow government departments and municipal institutions.

Two projects from Moscow were among the best regional environmental practices. They won in the Nadezhny Partner - Ekologiya competition. The digital system for construction waste disposal management won in the Best Project for Efficient Solid Communal Waste Management category; the Taking Out the Junk service at - in the Best Recyclables Processing (Reuse) Project category.

The Get to Know Moscow mobile app won the Grand Prix at the Route of the Year National Tourist Awards, while the literary guide at the Get to Know Moscow portal took third place in the Best Cycling Route category.

In December, five Moscow projects at once won the Runet awards. The Moscow consumer portal was declared the best in the State and Society category; the Russpass travel show focused on domestic tourism won in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry category. The сделановмоскве.рф portal won a diploma in the Economy and Business category. The Moscow: Immersion special project at Get to Know Moscow portal won the Online Culture Projects category, while the Student Portfolio service (Moscow Electronic School) was the best in Education and Human Resources.

In the fall, the VIII National Award for Advanced Industrial and Digital Technologies Prioritet-2022 awarded the Moscow call center sound assistant. It’s a robot accepting about 2.5 million calls a month and processing around half of them independently.

Moscow Digital Twin city project has been declared the winner of ComNews Awards. Best Digital Economy Solutions, topping the Best Digital Twin Solution category.

International recognition

In 2022, foreign experts gave recognition to 10 digital projects from Moscow. The Get to Know Moscow interactive guide was declared the winner of WSIS Prizes 2022. Six more projects from Moscow were on the short list there: the digital ecosystem and portal, MES virtual laboratories, the EMIAS. INFO mobile app, Taking Out the Junk service, the project suite for developing IT solutions using 5G technologies and Smart Cities Moscow international forum.

At the Quality Innovation Award, Moscow Electronic School won the international stage in the Education sector innovations category, while the AI-based machine vision technologies for medical radiology scan analysis got a prize in the Health care sector innovations category.

Moscow Digital Twin, Muscovite Card and the AI-based machine vision technologies for medical radiology scan analysis projects made it to the final stage of Go Smart Awards 2022.

Moscow has been winning diplomas at the City You Want to Live In: the International Urban Practices Competition of CIS and EAEU cities for the third year in a row. In 2022, experts recognized the VDNKh Smart City Pavilion (technology exhibition organization), EMIAS. INFO mobile app and the Moscow consumer portal (development quality).

In addition, Project SNOW from Moscow won the final stage of the Digital City Awards. This is an automated solution for snow handling and disposal used in Moscow for years.