Moscow-wide Wi-Fi network turns nine

Moscow-wide Wi-Fi network turns nine
Photo by Yevgeny Samarin.
The network comprises over 24,000 access points.

The Moscow-wide Wi-Fi network is now nine years old. City residents and guests use it to communicate, study, work, or build a route while walking. According to Natalya Sergunina, Deputy Moscow Mayor, from the beginning of 2022 alone, it has been used over 62 million times.

“Over the years, the Moscow Wi-Fi network has become one of the largest in the world. Now, it has over 24,000 access points,  with the coverage continuously expanding. Wireless internet connection is accessible on many streets within the Garden Ring and even the Third Ring Road as well as at almost 1,000 various places and organizations, such as libraries, parks, and student dormitories,” says Natalya Sergunina.

She notes that 800 new access points have been installed in 2022, with traffic exceeding eight petabytes (eight million gigabytes). The municipal Wi-Fi is now available throughout the central part of VDNKh: from the main entrance arch to Promyshlennosti Square and Vostok launch vehicle. This year, seven parks, 10 theaters, and 42 other culture and sports institutions joined the Wi-Fi network.

Check the interactive map on to find the nearest Wi-Fi access point. The Department of Information Technologies says that the wireless network is operating seamlessly: users can move and connect to it anywhere in the city without re-authorization throughout the day.

The first municipal Wi-Fi access point was installed on Frunzenskaya Embankment in 2013. Today, there are over 3,600 APs within the Garden Ring and the Third Ring Road alone. To access free Wi-Fi, select Moscow_WiFi_Free from the list of available networks and complete identification using your account or through SMS. The law prescribes doing it once in three months.