Sergei Sobyanin imposes new restrictions to prevent COVID-19 spreading

Sergei Sobyanin imposes new restrictions to prevent COVID-19 spreading
Moscow Mayor told about the temporary order of visiting restaurants and cafes, as well as the prohibition on events that can be attended by more than 500 people at a time.

The situation with the coronavirus infection spread in Moscow remains very complicated. In hospitals there are more than 14 thousand people in critical conditions. Sergei Sobyanin wrote about it in his blog. According to him, the chief sanitary doctor decision on mandatory vaccination of employees in certain industries has already brought the first results.

"Today, the number of Muscovites who received at least the first component of the vaccine has exceeded two million people. The number of vaccination bookings increased four to five times. Vaccination centers in polyclinics, Healthy Moscow pavilions and shopping centers are operating at full capacity. But it is clear that mass vaccination is not a quick thing. It will take another two or three months to see the results," Moscow Mayor said.

In this regard, the city government has made decisions that would help to protect people as much as possible, reduce the burden on the health care system, as well as maintain the normal operation of public catering, trade and other sectors of the economy.

So, from June 28, only visitors who have either been vaccinated, or have been ill with COVID-19 in the last six months, or have a negative PCR test valid for three days will be able to visit public catering establishments. It is necessary perform PCR testing in one of the Moscow laboratories that transmit information to the EMIAS system.

"In the last few days, together with representatives of the catering industry, we have conducted an experiment to create COVID-free public catering establishments. Today I signed a decree, according to which the use of this technology will be mandatory for all restaurants and cafes that want to continue working as usual," Sergei Sobyanin said.

The presence of immunity against coronavirus is confirmed by a special QR code, which can be obtained in an Electronic Medical Record, on portals and, a single portal of state and municipal services or in a specialized application Public Services. Stop Coronavirus, as well as in the Registrar’s Office of the city polyclinic. Paper certificates will not be accepted.

"Restaurants and cafes are obliged to create a system for checking the presence of QR codes. Food courts will be opened only after checking the control system that prevents visitors who do not have QR codes from entering the seating area. Public catering companies that do not meet these requirements will be able to work only for takeaway or delivery," Moscow Mayor explained.

To address issues that arise in the process of meeting these requirements (for example, if the databases do not contain information about vaccination, a previous disease, or a PCR test), a special analysis group has been created that will work as quickly as possible. You will be able to contact the specialists through your personal account on the portal .

In addition, from June 22, a temporary prohibition on holding concert, entertainment, sports events, which can be attended by more than 500 people at the same time, will be imposed. This includes the events held both outdoors and indoors. Fan zones and dance floors will be closed regardless of the number of participants.

"At the same time, these restrictions will be lifted if the organizers create a COVID-free zone and allow only participants with QR codes to enter the event," Sergei Sobyanin added.

By appointment, anyone over the age of 18 can get vaccination against coronavirus infection in one of the 100 points on the basis of city polyclinics. You can get vaccination without an appointment in popular public places where mobile teams work, seven public service centers, as well as in the Healthy Moscow pavilions. In addition, you can get vaccination in private clinics.