Moscow Accomplishments:
international awards and rankings
Moscow's accomplishments in various fields — from transport to heritage restoration — are awarded prestigious Russian and international prizes. Rankings topped by the Russian capital speak for the progress, too.
Moscow is regularly mentioned as a leader in various international surveys. The Russian capital’s healthcare system is actively developing in line with global trends. Moreover, Moscow was included in the top 5 cities of the world that are ready to introduce technology of the future.

Experts of Ernst and Young (EY) international company put a high value on Moscow Government measures to overcome the pick-virus aftermath. The strategy chosen by the city officials made it possible to keep the unemployment rate at its minimum while preventing significant economic downfall.
Experts of BСG international consulting company have included Moscow among world leaders regarding the number of schools being equipped with digital infrastructure
Digital culture in education: the importance of information technologies in educational process — 2021
Following the findings of a survey of the world’s largest megacities, the Boston Consulting Group highlighted Moscow in the 'Knowledge' category as the leader in the number of jobs created. Moscow ranks second in terms of technology parks and third in the number of technology startups.
Moscow ranks among the top 3 megalopolises of the world with the best transport system. The previous study put the Russian capital city on the sixth line.
Transport systems in 25 cities around the world: integral parts of success — 2021
PwC included Moscow in top 3 cities globally by quality and development level of the transport infrastructure
City space for people — 2018
Following the findings of the survey, McKinsey Institute included Moscow in the top 50 smart megacities. The Russian capital ranks 8th in the implementation of smart city solutions, and 29th for technological upgrade.
Moscow is among top 5 largest cities in the world ready to implement technologies of the future. It ranks 3rd in education, 1st for electronic public services, 3rd for digital economy, and 4th for digitalisation of culture and tourism.
PriceWaterhouseCoopers ranked Moscow second in its survey in terms of railway transport density, commissioning of new roads, and green areas per residential density.
PwC Survey 2017
PricewaterhouseCoopers conducted a survey of developing cities assessing the level of medical care and included Moscow in the top 5.
The Moscow agglomeration ranked 2nd in growth dynamics (out of 20) and 10th in the agglomeration efficiency by growth factors ranking.
Moscow ranked second among the five cities assessed in terms of Internet penetration (90%).