Russian capital has applied  for the right to host the World Expo 2030
It’s time for Expo in Moscow
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Moscow intends to host the main exhibition of the planet. Our goal is to organize Expo in Russia for the first time in history
An event of comparable magnitude and significance has not taken place in our country yet. Expo is bigger and grander than international economic forums, the Olympic Games and the World Cup. This event is unique in scale, duration and number of visitors.
On April 29, 2021 Moscow submitted an application for the right to host the World’s universal fair Expo 2030.
exhibition period in the capital in case of victory according to the results of the vote
Nomination process of Moscow as a candidate city was organized on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation.
The Moscow Government fully supported the application and will do everything necessary to make our city, metropolis with a strong economy, advanced science and large-scale infrastructure projects, a comfortable and modern venue of the famous exhibition.
>73 million visitors
Shanghai Expo 2010
The city together with citizens must show that it is fully ready to host Expo
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Up to 6 months
each exhibition lasts
169 exhibiting countries
of International Exhibition Bureau
In 1851
it was first held
Every 5 years
on average it is carried out
It is a platform where the image of countries is formed and dialogue takes place between them which based on the desire for progress and harmonious development. Exhibitions are a unique platform for public diplomacy and nation branding.
World’s universal fair Expo is the largest international event which allows exhibiting countries to present themselves to the whole world, unveiling the latest releases in the field of technology and science, cultural achievement and new architectural masterpiece and in recent years putting forward initiative to address global challenges.
What is Expo?
The Eiffel Tower
Paris, 1889
Heritage of exhibitions are world-famous buildings
National Palace (Palau Nacional)
Barcelona, 1929
Brussels, 1958
Expo showed the world inventions, which have firmly entered our lives
Knoxville, 1982
Cellular communication technology
Osaka, 1970
New-York, 1939
Talking Pictures
Paris, 1900
Chicago, 1893
Philadelphia, 1876
Vienna, 1873
Way to Expo
To get honored right to host World’s universal fair it’s a long way to go taking 10 years
For an ultimate victory in the first round the candidate city must receive at least two-thirds of the votes. If none of candidates received the required number of votes, the following rounds of voting are held. The candidates with the lowest number of votes are eliminated. When two candidates remain, the winner is determined by a simple majority of votes.
The winner is chosen by secret ballot of the representatives of the BIE member countries. The voting delegates base decision on results of the inspection visit, attractiveness to their countries of the proposed exhibition theme and also based on the bilateral relations of their countries with the candidate countries.
Preparation for hosting the Expo 2030 in Moscow in case of victory
Voting for candidates within the framework of BIE General Assembly in Paris and the announcement of the winner
The second half of 2023
Campaign to promote Moscow as a candidate city for hosting Expo 2030 right
An application letter signed by the Prime Minister of Russia has been submitted to the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE), the organization holding Expo
April 29, 2021
There are 5 candidates on hosting Expo 2030:
Moscow (Russia)
Busan (Republic of Korea)
Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
Rome (Italy)
Odessa (Ukraine)
Citizens' support for the city is one of the criteria for evaluating the application. The Moscow Government will inform citizens about all stages of the application process
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Russia is permanent member of Expo
Our country has participated in World’s fair since the first London exposition in 1851. Russian pavilions have repeatedly recognized as the best at exhibitions, demonstrated domestic inventions have received prestigious awards.
Russia at Expo
Worker and Kolkhoznitza Woman is the symbol of Soviet ideology was created especially for the pavilion of the USSR at Expo in Paris.
1937 / Paris
The pavilion of the USSR at Expo1967 in Montreal became the most popular at the exhibition. It was visited by 12 million people; it is more than any other pavilion. Now it is Pavilion No. 70 at VDNKh.
1967 / Montreal
The pavilion of the USSR built on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lenin, has entered the history of world architecture. The unique structure over 100 meters high was a giant flying red flag that was visible many kilometers away from the exhibition. The pavilion`s exposition was visited by about 20 million people — a new record was set.
1970 / Osaka
The pavilion was among of three leaders Expo 2015 of attendance: in six months it was visited by more than four million people.
2015 / Milan
Subject of Russian pavilion at the exhibition in Dubai is "The creative mind: Defining the future". The exhibition was postponed for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Russian exposition will show the best domestic project from the creative industry.
2020 / Dubai
At the Expo Russia showed to the humanity inventions and achievements without which it is impossible to imagine the modern world
Paris, 1878
Filament lamp
Yablochkov’s invention was a sensation of the exhibition
Elegancy and luxuriance of jewelry conquered the guests of the Paris exhibition
Jewelled eggs of Faberge
Paris, 1900
Brussels, 1958
Space satellite
On the exhibition the first model of space satellite was presented
Russia has never held Expo and this year Moscow was the first among the cities of the world to apply for an exhibition
Our idea for Expo
Subject of Moscow`s application:
We want to tell you about the construction of an integrated space of human, environment and technologies, share a vision of the future, where the ideas of progress and harmonious development of all spheres of human activity are inextricably linked, taking into account global environmental challenges. The development of technologies, science and culture should be supported by sense of responsibility for the future of the planet.
"Human progress. A shared vision of harmonious world"
Moscow for Expo
Moscow has an innovative infrastructure and is ideal for demonstrating achievements in a variety of fields. Modernization of the urban milieu, the development of transport and tourism, the digitization of services are changes that have taken place in Moscow in the last few years, it makes the capital a worthy venue for the World’s fair.
is the political, economic, scientific and financial center of Russia
an influential global metropolis
historical and cultural treasury, tourist mecca
transport hub connecting Europe with Asia
a city with a solid reputation for organizing international forums and events
World cup — 2018
Student Festival — 1957 and 1985
Olympic games — 1980
The capital for the second time in a row became the winner of the international tourism award World Travel Awards in nomination "The best tourist Destination. City" in 2020
Expo for Moscow
Preparation for the exhibition consolidates society, business and the state.
The holding of the World’s fair is a unique opportunity for Moscow and for the whole country to become a center of the world, a place of concentration of the most advanced ideas and technologies for a whole six months.
Expo presents Moscow as international business, scientific, cultural and tourist center.
In Moscow as well as all other cities where the exhibition was new districts will grow, a large-scale reconstruction of urban areas will be carried out. Development of infrastructure. The employment creation, the development of innovative technological and urban planning solutions will become added momentum for the growth of Moscow economic potential.
Expo in Moscow will give the biggest opportunities for Russian business, scientific, educational and polite society to show their capabilities, integrate into the global context, establish contacts and exchange experience with foreign colleagues.
The site for Expo 2030 will be selected on the basis of recommendations of the International Exhibition Bureau. It will be consistent with existing and planned urban space, traffic network, highways and will meet high standards of environmental safety. The territory of World’s fair will become a new center of attraction on the cultural and tourist map of the city, a new site of event heritage that citizens and guests of Moscow will be able to use.
Moscow intends to hold Expo 2030 at the highest level
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