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19.03.2013, 19:15

Moscow geo-info sites expand their reachout

Moscow geo-info sites expand their reachout

Since 1 October 2012, the Nash Gorod (Our City), Dorogi Moskvy (Moscow roads)and Doma Moskvy (Moscow Housing) geo-information websites have been accepting enquiries not just from their own registered users, but also from users of Serdity Grazhdanin (Angry Citizen) website. Complaints from users of a similar website, RosYama, began to be accepted on 25 December 2012.

User enquiries and complaints over issues directly related to Moscow’s economy and on the list of topics set by the geo-info websites will be considered.

This means that people who lodge complaints with the Serdity Grazhdanin and RosYama websites can be sure that their complaints will be forwarded to Moscow’s geo-information websites and will shortly be addressed by the authorities.

With the start of its cooperation with Serdity Grazhdanin, the editorial team running all the three geo-info websites has accepted and posted (as of March 18, 2013) some 60 enquiries, each of which has been considered by executive bodies (36 on the Nash Gorod website, 22 on the Dorogi Moskvy website and 2 on the Doma Moskvy website).

Moscow’s Central Administrative Area accounts for the largest number of complaints (23) on the Serdity Grazhdanin site. The most problematic sector is housing & public utilities — 36 complaints in this area have been filed by Serdity Grazhdanin users and posted on the Nash Gorod website. Twenty-two complaints have appeared on the Dorogi Moskvy website and just two on the Doma Moskvy website.

In the period between December 2012 and 18 March 2013, the editors also processed 38 messages from users of the RosYama public site. These were all published online and were examined by the executive bodies within the deadlines set for processing and publishing info on the Moscow Government websites.